Redskins @ Dallas – Third Quarter Thoughts

  • Somewhat strange right out of the gate: the Redskins had a lot of success stopping Terrell Owens in the first half by putting Shawn Springs on him in man coverage. For some reason, they’ve started the second half in zone coverage, and it’s making Owens much more relevant. So relevant that he’s in for the touchdown before the fans have finished filing back into their seats from halftime. After just about 33 minutes of football, we’re right back at square one.
  • Clinton Portis seems to be showing more patience, letting his blocks develop more, and it’s leading to good results — first on a screen play, then on his 31 yard run. Good to see Portis breaking a long one.
  • Another potentially crucial miscue, this time an offensive holding penalty negating a terrific touchdown-scoring effort from Portis, and it seems to have derailed the Redskins: an incomplete pass, a busted handoff, ANOTHER touchdown nullifying penalty, and a throwaway.
  • Let’s focus on the positives there for just a minute: the kick was good, as was the hold. The team did manage to score two hard-fought touchdowns, although neither of them counted. And the Redskins have retaken the lead, at least for the moment. That’s the positive. …Nope, doesn’t make me feel much better.
  • One thing I’ve thought of doing is reviewing the food that’s provided in the various press boxes, but I haven’t so far simply because there’s really nothing too interesting to say, and there’s not a whole lot of time to formulate opinions when you’re just hastily cramming down whatever’s put in front of you. Also, an awful lot of press boxes — ours included — seem to serve chili dogs, and there’s really only so much you can say about a normal, unremarkable chili dog. (Which is, I suppose, what makes them unremarkable.) All of which is a roundabout way of mentioning that the Dallas press box offered some really noteworthy butterscotch chip cookies at halftime. Also, chili dogs, but only the cookies were really worth commenting on.
  • ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is covering the game from the press box. What’s interesting is that he’s covering it by watching the seven TV monitors in the dining area of the press box, not actually watching the live action. I suppose being here lets him talk to players and coaches before and after the game, but it still seems odd, like covering the game from an ESPNZone or something.
  • Well, there’s something to add to the “is it a rivalry” analysis: during the first Dallas timeout, the fans just spontaneously broke into a “Redskins Suck” chant. Not quite “We want Washington,” but certainly a step in that direction.
  • The Redskins, thin at cornerback after Fred Smoot got his bell rung, just brilliantly baited Tony Romo into an interception. They lined Leigh Torrance up off of Cowboys WR Miles Austin, giving him a nice cushion, but had Chris Horton ready to move into position for the pick before the ball was even thrown. Chris Horton is looking like a heck of a nice seventh round pick, at this point.

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  1. Horton Hears A Who ??… Romo

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