Redskins @ Dallas – Redskins Fans, Postgame

The brave folks who were singing Hail to the Redskins, as seen through the pressbox window after the game. We’re off to the airport, and we’ll be home some time after midnight, but plenty more from Dallas and about this game tomorrow.


11 Responses

  1. thank you redskins, i moved here (tx) in 2006 from virginia,dc area redskins in my blood.

  2. Jason Campbell looookin Gooood. All us Colt Brennan Fans gonna have to get used to seeing Colt pacing the sideline.

  3. O- line starting to look good.

  4. My game ball goes to Shawn Springs for shutting down that Big Headed Jerk T.O.

  5. Love those people! haha…Jason Campbell looked great…we have that every game, we wont lose another. Shawn Springs did amazing…..shutting down their best(and most cocky) player. SO PROUD OF THE REDSKINS!

  6. How bout them cowgirls!

  7. How bout them REDSKINS! I live in Texas and hate the cryboys. Where can I buy a shirt that has the spear piercing the star? Please email me…..

  8. Guess we won’t be seein’ any Sally Jenkins articles over at the Wash Post this week, eh? He-he.

    I’m bustin’ I’m so proud today!

  9. Is there a better feeling then going to Dallas and stompin’ those stars? Maybe winning the superbowl…..

  10. The officials blew a call in the 4th quarter. Suisham’s field goal with 10:48 to play….missed. Wide left. I have rewound it on my DVR about thirty times. You . have a clear view of the upright the entire time. If he would have made it, there would have been a couple of slow motion frames where the ball would have obstructed your view of the upright. Dallas really won. Why The Boys didn’t challenge, I don’t know.

  11. Stuff- I, too have rewound my DVR, and watch the play. From the angle I got, the field goal went in. Maybe it was your angle.

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