Redskins @ Dallas: Inactives and Starters

Still getting settled up here in Texas Stadium, but I just received the list of inactives and starters for today’s game and wanted to get it up as soon as possible.

The big news is on the starter front: Chris Horton will be starting for Reed Doughty (which I sort of expected), Jon Jansen will start in place of Stephon Heyer (which surprises me a bit), and Demetric Evans will start for Jason Tayor.

Here’s the inactive list:

  • QB Colt Brennan (emergency third QB)
  • WR Malcolm Kelly
  • CB Justin Tryon
  • S Justin Hamilton
  • OL Jason Fabini
  • OL Chad Rinehart
  • DE Jason Taylor
  • DE Erasmus James
  • The only slight surprise there is that Erasmus James is inactive even with Taylor down. I guess Coach Zorn was serious when he said that James wasn’t all the way back yet.


4 Responses

  1. Matt, is Doughty okay or are they thinking about making a permanent move?????

  2. Are the inactive rules different for emergency third string QB’s?

  3. Matt, is the reason Justin Hamilton is inactive because of the depth at safety or an on seen reason? would you care to share some insight on the subject?


    We’ll hear more about Doughty and Horton today, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Horton gets more playing time and more starts as the season progresses.

    Emergency QB rules are that if the player enters the game before the fourth quarter, neither of the two QBs ahead of him can re-enter.

    I’m pretty sure Hamilton is just inactive because they’re deep at the position — the two drafted rookies (Horton and Moore) are going to take priority there.

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