Redskins @ Dallas – First Quarter Thoughts

  • The Cowboys pyro is much more dramatic than ours, featuring repeated gouts of actual flame in addition to the fireworks. I have to admit, I’m a little jealous of this. They also have a guy dressed up in a big-headed Cowboy mascot costume ride out on an ATV with the flag guys and the cheerleaders, which I’m not jealous of at all.
  • Kenny Loggins is singing the National Anthem, and he’s doing it very slowly. I’m not really sure how to feel about this, but at the very least I’m going to avoid making a “need for speed” Top Gun joke.
  • The first drive starts out looking very much like last week, effective short passes mixing with runs. It’s very odd to think that if this continues to be successful, announcers will say things like, “Look at those slant passes — that’s Redskins football.”
  • AFter a penalty and dropped pass, Durant Brooks comes in to punt, and does an eminently credible job of it, pinning Dallas at their 10 yard line.
  • I’ve heard from more than a few people who are surprised and (in varying degrees) disappointed that Chris Horton is starting in place of Reed Doughty. I suspect that among that group, there are at least a few who are happy to see Marion Barber run over Horton during the first Dallas drive. Horton rallies well, though, and makes the crucial stop on Jason Witten on a third down play to end the drive.
  • There’s a PA guy in the press box whose job is simply to announce the basics of the play — who carried, how far, who made the tackle, who is back to receive a punt, stuff like that. This guy is generally completely impartial and businesslike, which is pretty much the point. The PA guy here, who has been doing a terriifc job thus far, left his mic open after announcing that Randle El was back to receive the punt, and — as Mat McBriar boomed his punt 54 yards in the air — he exclaimed “NICE!” deafeningly over the PA. Everyone laughed and, predictably, yelled at him for cheering in the press box.
  • Durant Brooks punts from his own endzone, and it’s a little low and a little flat but generally very good, for a net of 52 yards. Maybe Brooks really did get over the hump last week.
  • In all the talking I’ve heard about this game in the last week — and especially in the last 24 hours — I don’t think I heard anyone suggest that we would see five punts in the first quarter. Jason Campbell looks like he’s started holding onto the ball just a little too long on offense, but the defense is doing a great job of flying to the ball and stopping the Dallas offense. And, hey, at least the punts and punt coverage have been good, and the punt returns have been no worse than adequate.
  • A Tony Romo to Jason Witten touchdown pass over Marcus Washington looks almost too easy, set up by one of those crucial errors — a third-down defensive holding call on Carlos Rogers — that drive me (and coaches, and players, and everyone else) crazy. The Cowboys fans in front of the press box celebrate by pounding on the glass, and I have to admit to being a little disturbed by how loose and rattling these panes of glass are. Just another reason for me to hope that Dallas fans don’t have much to cheer about.
  • On the flipside, those less-sealed glass panes let a lot more stadium noise leak into the press box, which makes for a much better gamewatching experience. Small consolation if the glass shatters all
  • Rock Cartwright falls on Mike Sellers’ leg on the ensuing kickoff return, and that would be a really bad loss for this team. Sellers bounces up and limps off, which is good. That looked scary on replay.
  • Word from the bench is that Sellers rolled his ankle but will return. Always nice when the bench calls up with good news.

3 Responses

  1. WOW. That 2nd quarter TD to Thrash was awesome. I can’t believe they didn’t pick him up better, though with him in the middle they could have called on him to block for a run up the middle.

  2. Our boys are looking pretty damn good! Not upset that Horton is in over Doughty as I’m loving the kid, just wondering why the decision was made.

  3. I gotta disagree with you about Dallas having a more dramatic pyro presentation. Yeah they have the flame boxes but in Washington the fireworks seem bigger, louder, and shoot WAY up into the sky. I’ve been to both stadiums and personally I was more impressed with D.C.

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