On the Field for Practice – 9/26

Cold, damp day for practice, and the forecast for Dallas on Sunday is 90 degree heat. Should be interesting.

  • The secondary looked very strong today. This is good, as they’re likely to be tested pretty emphatically by Tony Romo, T.O., and Jason Witten. Shawn Springs made a nice interception, stepping between the receiver and the ball downfield; Carlos Rogers made a gorgeous pick, outleaping his receiver in the corner of the endzone, and even the much-maligned Justin Tryon got in on the act, breaking up a throw for Santana Moss — easily the best play I’ve seen from the rookie. And LaRon Landry closes VERY quickly on the ball. Michael Lombardi over at the National Football Post comes just this close to comparing him to Ronnie Lott, and it’s becoming a defensible stance.
  • One of the things you sometimes see from the sidelines is just how precise passes can be. There were at least two passes to Chris Cooley that seemed, even from close up, just to land in his hands, like he didn’t even have to move. Not to take anything away from Cooley, of course — he made a nice leaping adjustment to an overthrown pass also.
  • Both Brian Billick and Peter King commented to me about how few of Jason Campbell’s passes hit the ground during practice when they were here. It’s not something I had necessarily noticed myself — it can be tough to be aware of when something ISN’T happening — but he had two straight dropped today, and I really realized just how infrequently I’d been seeing that.
  • An encouraging sign for Devin Thomas, mentally: one one play, he was clearly open in the end zone; Campbell didn’t seem him and went to a short receiver. Thomas was visibly disappointed but immediately shook it off, kept running his routes and blocking downfield on running plays, and eventually made a nice catch down the sidelines.
  • Anthony Montgomery was excused from practice due to a personal issue; Zorn expects him to play.
  • Right now, Zorn expects Jon Jansen to start, but he refused to rule out Stephon Heyer, even under repeated questioning. He also described Fred Smoot, Marcus Washington, and Mike Sellers as “fine”.
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10 Responses

  1. Matt, you’ve got the best job in America. Need some help?

  2. Matt, rumor has it that The Predator (Chris Horton) will get the start on Sunday. Can you confirm?

    By the way, did Chris mind Homer McFanBoy’s “neighbor kid” creating this nickname for him?

  3. is that wilson on the pic or ?…….

  4. You’ve heard what I’ve heard from Zorn as far as Horton starting. We’ll see, I suppose. And Horton seems just fine with the Predator nickname.

    Yes, that’s Chris Wilson in the bottom picture — just liked the photo, no specific significance.

  5. I hope Campbell starts seeing Devin over the top soon. There were a few plays against the Cardinals where Thomas was wide open up top and Campbell went underneat. Once was in the first quarter on a 15 yard pass to Randle El, and another time was right before we kicked the field goal. T homas was uncovered and would hav e had an easy TD if Campbell didn’t try to force it into a well covered Moss.

  6. Some yahoo on yahoo sports says that Landry is questionable and might not play much. I see he practiced today from the pic above. Any truth to this story?

  7. I’ve heard nothing about that, and he’s not on the injury report. Do you have a link?

  8. it was either silver or cole who said it on yahoo sports with larry biel on a few key games this week.sorry not to computer savvy witha link and all but you should check it out. Maybe he was confused thinking of his older brothers injury.

  9. I’m guessing the questionable Landry was Laron’s brother Dawan.

  10. I am really nervous about Doughtery back there on coverage. He seems to be on the dragging end of most of the TD’s scored against us. How did he look in practice Friday?

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