Nuts For Colt Brennan

Here’s one of the great ironies of Redskins Park: It’s the Friday before the game at Dallas. The Redskins are riding a two game winning streak, and it’s early enough in the season for that winning streak to also carry all the hope and optimism of the start of the year. If I were working at any other job I had ever been at, right now, at about 4:00 on Friday afternoon, I would be thinking of pretty much nothing besides Sunday’s game. At that time here, it’s a ghost town. The players are enjoying their early day, heading home to their families or out to squeeze in whatever they can before tomorrow’s travel day and Sunday’s game.

Really, it’s the quiet before the proverbial storm here. The good news is that when that happens, we can usually count on something interesting happening with our popular emergency QB.

Here’s what happened: I came in today to find this envelope on my chair:

It’s a very nice letter from the office of Congresswoman Mazie Hirono, noting the blog post on her meeting with Colt Brennan. It was a really nice gesture, and certainly better than the last time I received a note from a congressperson (i.e., never). Similar letters went to P.R. whiz Zack Bolno, and P.R. intern Matt Taylor (who mostly facilitated the whole thing). Really, that would’ve been enough — more than enough.

But the congresswoman’s office also sent over the Mauna Loa Island Classics Assortment — five different kinds of macadamia nuts — for us all to share. I’ve posted about pineapples that Brennan received, but the flow of gifts from the islands is more or less constant: all things coconut, pineapple, or macadamia nut related.
So, excited to join such rarefied company, I went and asked Colt about the gift.

So what’s with the macadamia nuts?

I don’t know. That’s a good question. I don’t know the history behind it, but I know that they’re prevalent all over Hawai’i. I don’t know if it’s only the chocolate covered macadamia nuts that have become famous, or the nuts themselves.

They gave us, like, five different flavors. Are macadamia nuts all over the place down there?

I think so, pretty much. Hawai’i candy companies have done a great job of marketing and creating an identity for the chocolate covered macadamia nut.

So if you’re nice to people in Hawai’i, they just give you a package of macadamia nuts?

You can’t just be nice. If you do something that they appreciate, yeah — you’re helping these folks to connect to a former UH player, so they probably really appreciate that. But just being nice probably wouldn’t do it.


18 Responses

    He still is THE MAN here in Hawaii.
    Albeit a patient, hardworking STUDENT of the game in DC ;-)

    GO ‘SKIN dem COWBOYS tomorrow!

  2. Best thing I’ve ever heard about Colt so far: he learned Samoan to call plays at the line. THAT is awesome. Imagine as a defense, watching him at the line, and then he just starts shouting in a foreign language. What are you supposed to do? Hire a translator?

    If he’s still around after Todd retires, hopefully they can get him his old # back.

  3. Aloha Matt!
    Did you try all the flavors? Which is your favorite?

    It’s awesome that Colt is still representing the islands on his shirt.

    Good luck tomorrow againts the Cowboys!

  4. I give macadamia nut to Trainers for my job and they like em. I notice Mainland folks like the pineapples.

    .. Don’t eat too much at one time, it’s kind of a laxative..know what i mean?

  5. eh brah, what about da kalua pig, lau lau, lomi salmon, poki, spam and eggs, hamburger steak and macaroni salad from rainbow drive-in. Macadamia nuts, no beeg ting.

  6. Enuffalready, on September 27th, 2008 at 11:12 am Said:
    eh brah, what about da kalua pig, lau lau, lomi salmon, poki, spam and eggs, hamburger steak and macaroni salad from rainbow drive-in. Macadamia nuts, no beeg ting.

    and mostly poi.

  7. When I read the headline “Nuts For Colt Brennan” I thought Colt had sneaked into another girl’s room and pulled down his pants.

  8. Looks like Colt is going to stuff that jersey into the empty mac nut box and send it back to Mazie.

    We have a proud tradition of giving to others and showing aloha from our hearts. Colt has that same aloha spirit, that’s why we’re nuts for him. He is THE hanai son of Hawaii and he represents us well.

    Mahalo for keeping us updated on Colt in your blogs, Matt.

  9. Peaux Sucent, on September 27th, 2008 at 12:18 pm Said:
    When I read the headline “Nuts For Colt Brennan” I thought Colt had sneaked into another girl’s room and pulled down his pants.

    So not cool. Please don’t start with the idiotic recriminations as Colt has had more BALLS to stand up and accept responsibility for something that everyone else has twisted. Please read the facts before you open your mouth next time. You might even look intelligent.

  10. “Please read the facts before you open your mouth next time.”

    …on Jan. 28, 2004, he was arrested by campus police and charged with entering a co-ed’s room. Uninvited, he was intoxicated at the time of the incident and the woman claimed he exposed himself and fondled her. He pleaded guilty to burglary and trespassing, but a charge of unlawful sexual contact was vacated by the court for lack of evidence. He was dismissed from the team.

  11. The jury wanted to find him innocent of all charges, but Colorado law says (as per the judge) they had to find him guilty on the charges of trespassing and burglary. When the jury heard this, half of them began crying, and all twelve believed him to be zero threat to society.
    Court transcripts prove that he was invited in the room, took nothing and didn’t lay a finger on anyone.

  12. I found that info (above) on the internet. Anyone can find positive or negative info on the net.
    Lets just stick to Redskins Football..OK?

  13. Peaux Sucent sounds like a Dallas troll to me.


    In French, “Peaux Sucent” means “Skins Suck”

    l’a cassé les garçons arrières de vache sont gais

  15. Vous êtes une chienne.

  16. Dallas Troll …cool.Don’t Touch IT! Germs!.

  17. Bon pour vous le monsieur Suce, vous avez jeté un sort à votre équipe pour est un troll. Vos garçons de clope arrières cassers pleurent dans leur vestiaire maintenant, surtout homo de monsieur. Aller et les joindre où vous appartenez. Leur offrir un monsieur de pipe suce, peut-être ils se sentiront mieux !

  18. Keep up the interesting tidbits you have on Colt. We’re starved here in the islands for “any crumbs” you can toss our way. Maybe we’ll send you some more mac nuts if you keep saying nice, nice stuff about our man Colt. GO SKINS!!

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