Friday, September 26: Some Quotes From Yesterday

So I wasn’t able to post a practice update yesterday, nor was I able to hear any of the press conferences. Fortunately, professional football teams have staffs that do things like transcribe portions of press conferences for media use, so I am able to bring you this belated assortment of quotes describing things that I did not cover yesterday, along with my thoughts on them.

Coach Zorn on Stephon Heyer:
“Stephon Heyer is coming along, but he is still questionable for the game. He is not 100 percent, but fortunately we have Jon Jansen that can step in if needed. I hope he can do enough tomorrow so that we can find out even more so I can let you know a little bit more.”

I’ve been convinced Heyer was going to play, especially since he returned to the game last week, but the more I hear things like this, the more skeptical I become. Jansen does seem ready to go if needed, though, so that’s a good sign.

Coach Zorn on Malcolm Kelly:
“Mike Sellers is going to be fine, but Malcolm Kelly is not. He [Malcolm Kelly] still has the slows because of his ankle and has to wait until it gets better. Malcolm Kelly is getting mass treatment, but it’s just taken awhile for it all to come together.”

Leaving aside the frustration of Kelly being unable to get onto the field — because this guy really impressed me the times I’ve seen him in practice, long ago as those times are starting to seem — I like the noun-ing of “the slows”. You often hear about a guy having “quicks,” but this is the first reference I’ve seen to “the slows,” and I think it’s something that should be used more often.

Coach Zorn on the starting strong safety:
“Both those guys [Reed Doughty and Chris Horton] have been working, but as far as who will get the first snap we are just waiting to see what happens tomorrow in practice. Both will be in there and depending on what personnel group we use, we can sometimes play with multiple safeties in the game. They can both be starters at the beginning of the game. Reed Doughty is our starter, but Chris Horton is going to play a lot and we will see what happens as we go along.”

This is a lot less emphatic than Zorn’s assertion on Monday that “I think we’re still with Reed [Doughty]. I haven’t heard anything different, and I haven’t thought anything different.” I’m not saying that necessarily means anything, but the difference is somewhat notable.

Three from Chris Horton:
On the game against Dallas: “To me it’s just another football game.”

On being huge underdogs: “We can’t control that, but what we can control is how we come out, compete, and play the game.”

On the chance of starting this week: “I don’t know anything about that. I’m just going out, trying to compete and get ready for Dallas. I’m always looking for the opportunity to get back out on the field. I just feel blessed that I have the opportunity to play and I’m taking it one game at a time.”

Chris Horton seems precocious in more than just his playing ability. These are the kind of careful answers you really only expect from a six- or seven-year veteran. In my conversations with Horton, he genuinely does seem careful, humble, and grateful for his opportunities, but these quotes are almost JoeGibbs-ian in their blandness.

So that mostly catches us up on the outlines of what I didn’t cover yesterday. I’m not sure if today’s practice schedule is changing due to the cold, incessant rain, but if practice is going on, I’ll be out there, and the update should run today as usual.


12 Responses

  1. Nice post Matt. I think the coaches are starting to see what the fans see, that Reed is no good. Although i expect the SKINS to beat the cowturds, i fully expect T.O. to humiliate Reed. I already know it is coming. I just hope that after it happens, the coaches take him out for good. I think Reed is our weak link in the D. I wish Reed the best of luck during the rest of his career, i just hope it is not starting on the SKINS D

  2. I like the verb-ing of “noun” and think it should be used more often …

  3. Why are the Redskins being SOOOOO patient with Malcom Kelly?

    He is taking up an active roster spot.

    What about the WR’s on the practice squad?

    *What about Anthony Mix…did he sign anywhere else? We wanted to get bigger at WR….6’5”, 243…..that’s a BIG receiver who knows the deal with this team!!! BRING BACK ANTHONY MIX!!!

    Mix is a gamer and a contributor and if healthy would be a great “Redskin” to put back on the roster. BRING BACK ANTHONY MIX!!!

  4. I think they’re being patient with him because he was a second rounder. If the dude was a seventh rounder and this was happening they probably would put him on the practice squad or something.

    I like Kelly, but it sure is starting to seem like he’s got no pain tolerance whatsoever. The term “soft” is starting to come to mind. I’m hoping I’m wrong because from everything everyone says about him he’ll be great, but I don’t watch Oklahoma and I haven’t seen him do anything in the NFL, at this point, not even in preseason.

    It’s starting to wear.

  5. i could not agree more with CHEIF i LOVE mix bring him back NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The “Kelly issue” seems to get back to the question of whether or not we made good draft picks, and blaming Vinny for them. Keeping Durant Brooks is another contentious issue that many people have strong emotion about.

    It looks like in the cases of the draft class, we’ll have to wait until the end of the season to look back and say “that was a good move,” or “that was a bad move.” Clearly both of those examples have tremendous room for improvement, but the season is still young.

  7. Is Justin Hamilton still on the inactive list? if so why?

  8. Why were there no updates of yesterday practice. I was looking for them? I basically got all this information from the video from yesterday.

    I am very disappointed in Kelly. Its like he is never going to be healthy enough to play. He is just wasting a spot. I do agree wiht other posters. If he can’t be effective and help the team. We do need to bring Mix back. Point blank.

  9. Other then week one our “O” is playing well. Don’t rush Kelly. If we get him back and we get some more play our of Davis in the middle of the season it will work well for us. Soon people will see what Campbell, Moss, Cooley do. Being able to add play makers like Kelly and Davis half way through the season is a good thing.

    This week Thomas gets his first TD, One of the four that Campbell is going to throw.

  10. pres D knows wuts good hopefully Kelly can play against the sheagles

  11. Reed Doughty is the weak link of the redskins defense…Point Blank!

    Start Horton…

  12. Not suyre how weak Doughty is. Seriously I cant see it.

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