Friday Redskins Links – 9/26

Photo by bobbygeek via wikimedia commons.

Photo by bobbygeek via wikimedia commons.

  • The National Football Post has officially reached must-read status for me for Michael Lombardi’s articles alone. The fact that they frequently offer other gems — such as this overview of covering T.O., from ex-Redskin Matt Bowen (pictured above) — is just icing.
  • Charles Mann (whose name is ALWAYS followed in my head by “for Swanson’s Hungry Man dinners,” and it is CRIMINAL that those commercials aren’t on the YouTubes) argues that players absolutely DO feel divisional rivalries, and reminisces about the 1983 game where the team wore fatigues into Dallas. Rich Tandler revisits the same game from a slightly more objective perspective.
  • And Sons of Washington has the EXACT same reaction to today’s Bill Simmons column that I did, but where I’m at the point where Simmons just makes me shake my head and mutter to myself, MWP elects to write him a 1,300+ word plea to changes his ways. MWP makes good points, and I wish him all the luck in the world with it.

4 Responses

  1. Wow. That Bowen article is some heavy stuff. Just thinking about what he’s saying and how it applied to the football field… Wow… Wow… That’s some heavy lifting the safety had to do in terms of making decisions on the fly. Also jabs the dagger in our collective ribs on the absence of Sean Taylor. He always looked like he enjoyed making TO’s life miserable on the field. Careful now, don’t drop the ball when you hear footsteps comin.

    Bill Simmons on the other hand managed to make me wonder what the heck ESPN pays people for. Maybe he was drinking while he wrote it? I’ll admit that the 2 games we’ve won haven’t been against heavyweights, but we showed in the Giants game that we can keep scores low with the bend, but don’t break defensive philosophy. And for the record, Cowher can keep his cushy desk job, we’ve got a head coach.

  2. no gregg willams schme was hoorrible if it was so good whydid T.o break loose 4 times easily for touchdowns i think greg bltach will be alot smarter and have laron landry watching T.O im not sayin gregg willams was bad because he was great but i really dont know wat u r talkin about him having the best scheme for T.O actually i thought it was the worst game planning ive seen in years and the stats dont lie.

  3. fan123 im wondering have you ever played football before??? in the game where t.o broke open for 4 touchdowns on all 4 touchdowns the skins were playing cover 2 in which matt bowen said is NOT the defense you want to play against t.o and the redskins diddnt have sean taylor out there who helps tremendously in making the cover 7 effective look at the game stats when sean taylor played the cowboys t.o was held in CHECK because gregg williams had the option to put in the cover 7 defense that matt bowen is talking about…..i believe matt bowen knows more about football then any causal fan seeing as though casual fans are ex highschool football players who only know about 3 coverages which are man cover 2 or cover 3 but there are MANY MANY MANY more coverage packages in which cover 7 a package created by gregg williams helps shut down physical recievers like t.o

  4. oooo and when im implying have you ever played football before i was talking about past the highschool level???? and check the replays youll see the skins put out a cover 2 defense shawn springs not bump t.o as hes supposed to in cover 2 and t.o running free with a big gap in the zone so really when the skins got beat for those 4 td’s it was really shawn springs fault…..i remember vividly shawn springs being scolded on the sideline for his mishaps on the cover 2 package….cover 2 is effective when you have a physical zone corner like tampa bay has with ronde barber who can bump the reciever at the line of scrimmage make him think your guarding him man to man then you drop down to cover the flats

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