For Future Reference: Believe The Annoying Scoreboard Sign

I hate the “Quiet! Offense At Work.” sign on the scoreboard at FedExField. I’ve always found it slightly insulting — I assumed that all football fans knew to be quiet when their offense had the ball, and thought the sign was just to be cute.

Apparently not.

Brian Murphy over at Homer McFanboy talked to Pete Kendall, and Kendall had some firm thoughts on the issue.

“Well, I’m sure I speak for everybody,” said the 13-year NFL veteran. “We appreciate their support, but not at that particular moment. Really, it makes our job harder than it needs to be. If they could contain their enthusiasm until after we score, that would help us out.”

I asked Jason Campbell about it, and he agreed. “The reason why it’s so important is for our offensive line to hear the calls, because of certain stunts. Our running back also has to hear the calls. It definitely makes a difference – you’re down inside the five yard line, you miss a call, you get tackled for a loss or give up a big play. All because someone didn’t hear a call.”

I mention this now because we’ve got a couple of weeks before the next home game, so this leaves plenty of time to get used to the idea of paying attention to that sign. So pass the word along.


10 Responses

  1. Pete Kendall and friends would like to thank you Mr. Redskins Blogger for your continued support.

  2. Yeah, it’s kinda sad that we using our own home field advantage against OUR OWN OFFENSE.

    Something not quite right about that.

  3. You get any word on a Heyer fine yet Matt? The Skins have any comment on that play?

  4. You might assume that the fans would know that, but it’s surprising how loud it is when we’re in the red zone after a 70-yard drive. Even with the sign reminding people.

  5. I was getting livid when Dick Stockton and Moose Johnson kept informing the TV audience that the energy had been sucked out of FedEx every time the ‘Skins had the ball, last week.

    The energy didn’t go anywhere, jackass. We were being courteous to our offense.

    Moose, you should know better.

  6. What dumba$$ fans that have to be TOLD to be quiet!!!

    Dan $nyder needs to find more knowledgeable fans to rip-off.

  7. On a similar point. Our fans get loud on defense, however they only start to get loud when the other team is coming to the line. The most important part of being loud is when they are in the huddle. We need to be loud from huddle to snap!

  8. How unbelievable is it that Snyder has the largest stadium but the smallest scoreboard/TV and the most ancient graphics. I cringe every time I see the big guy pounding his fists for D-Fense. Looks like the graphics from my old Atari 2600

  9. As a long time Redskins Fan, I am offended by the fact that being supportive of the offense means you have to be quiet. I think it’s important to share positive energy with the offense especially after good plays occur. I have been to Fedex too many times to count, and I know first hand the noise level in that stadium during an offensive series is a moderate hum at best, and going nuts when they score. Don’t be too picky with this one Redskins Management, we have had many a groan over the last 15 years as well, don’t kill the spirit of the Fan. Be Loud! Go Skins!

  10. ^you have to be kidding me? That positive spirit is going to result in a few false starts, confusion in the backfield, and wrong route running. Is your sharing of positive energy that important? Positive energy, that’s going to have me laughing all day.

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