Thursday Redskins Links – 9/25

  • Hey, look, it’s Dallas Week! Shutdown Corner takes an outside look at the rivalry (and that license plate that’s all over the internets today), and Sportz Assassin AOL Fanhouse looks at some of the highlight moments (and has video of highlights from the 2005 Monday Night Awesomefest).
  • I have fond memories of Martin Mayhew as a Redskins defensive back. Anthony Brown at Hog Heaven takes a look at his prospects as new GM of the Detroit Lions. Hard to imagine that he can be any worse than the last ex-Redskin they had running the show.
  • And not Redskins related, but Gene Wojciechowski at has a very good piece on Friday Night Lights, along with some football professionals’ views on the show. It doesn’t make up for the fact that in my DirecTV-less household I won’t be able to watch the upcoming third season until February, but it’s still a good feature on a great show.

3 Responses

  1. Did Zorn cut you out of practice or what Matt?

    Nice job one way or the other.

  2. Hey Matt, do you know what Jersey combo will be worn for this Dallas game? Hopefully, it’s Burgundy on Burgundy set everyone is talking about…Thanks….

  3. GOOOOO REDSKINS…i will be watching from home in Austin Texas! Bring it on – bring it on!!!

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