Redskins Parking Lot: LaRon Landry’s Hummer H2

I’ve been working on a small project for the PR staff here. Every game, they issue a gamebook to the attending media, full of statistics, storylines, notable information, connections between the teams, stuff like that — many of those little tidbits the announcers come up with during the game come from the gamebook.

What I’ve been doing is building a section on the off-the-field interests of the guys on the Redskins roster. It’s a good project for me, as it lets me build up potential future blogging material while also being of use to the organization as a whole. It’s a much more efficient use of time than simply wandering around the locker room mumbling to myself.

Some people are happy to list hobbies and favorite movies and family members and so on; others, for various reasons, are more reticent. One of the more close-mouthed people I’ve spoken to for this section was LaRon Landry. No matter how I framed the question, he steadfastly maintained that he had no interests whatsoever beyond playing football and hanging out. This is the ideal mindset for a safety on the football field, of course, but not so much for this particular project. He finally relented and acknowledged that he sometimes enjoyed buying stuff (“within a budget”), and that was that.

Yesterday I noticed this enormous, customized white Hummer H2 in the parking lot, and went immediately to find out whose it was. “Landry’s,” said Fred Smoot, who really is a font of knowledge about the cars in the parking lot here. I caught up with Landry to ask about the vehicle, and we had the following conversation. Remember, this is someone who claims to have no particularly strong interests.

So what’d you have done here?

I basically got all the plastic painted to all be white, that’s the first thing. I changed the wheels out – it came with 20s on it, and I put 30s on it because of my jersey number, that’s the only reason why.

I painted the brake housings candy orange, tinted it out, I’ve got custom sound everywhere: two fifteens, four six by nines. Two ten inch headrest TVs and a fifteen inch in the middle, and a Double Din in the front, which is navigation, so it’s four TVs total.

This is stating the completely obvious, but you really like cars.

Yeah, I’ve been loving cars since I was small. And I grew up liking fast cars and motorbikes – that’s what I grew up around.

By my count, just on what I’ve seen you in, you’ve got this, the big F-650, the two Lamborghinis – green and baby blue…

No, I don’t have the blue one, I just have the green one.

The blue one was just temporary?

Yeah, just the green one.

So do you have a favorite?

I have two favorites. My Benz – I have an S63 AMG Benz, y’know, that’s the all around great ride for me. And my Corvette, I love my Corvette probably a little bit more than my Lamborghini, because … it’s not that it’s a better car, it’s that if you’re gonna spend that much money on a Lamborghini you wanna take care of it. But with the Vette, I’ve done a lot of upgrades to my Vette: changed my heads, the cams, all kinds of stuff.

How do you pick which one to drive each day?

Depending on the weather and what type of day it is, certain cars I don’t like to pull out. Everyday driving, I drive my Benz, the Hummer, the Range Rover. The other cars, I really don’t like to pull ’em out except for special occasions or certain events.

As a result of this conversation, I’ve updated the gamebook to reflect that Landry has a slight interest in automobiles.


18 Responses

  1. i understand he’s a professional athlete…but is his rookie contract worth enough money to be able to do all this??? thats CRAZY. just the customization money alone must be ridiculous!

  2. Never been much of an SUV man myself, but Landry certainly has a sweet collection of sports cars as well. Gotta find a picture of his Benz, I’ll bet that’s sick.

  3. Agreed Ben, you have to wonder don’t ya, you know he also took care of his parents, and his brother (late round draft pick, not much signing bonus).

    Man, I wonder just how much it his bonus is already gone. Better get some more pics LaRon, you’ll be needing a new contract soon to pay for your toys!

  4. Landry’s pockets are str8…
    The Redskins signed Landry to a 5-year, $41.5 million contract that included $17.5 million in guarantees.

  5. Does anyone know if Landry lives all year in the area, or does he live back home during the offseason?

  6. Is that you LaCanfora? Are you trying to find out where he lives so you can report to the NCAA that he received these cars (and his off-season house) as gifts while he was at LSU? This is so typical of you, LaCan!

    Matt, I implore you not to answer the above question, lest LaCan tries to bury another member of our organization based on “a hunch”!

  7. wurs the practice report

  8. Matt- your blog topics today offers the widest scope of information yet- fantastic job!

  9. bah- pardon the typo.
    blog topics today offers=blog topics today offer

  10. U guys are such b****hs. Go back to your brain and wallet washing $nydermen.

  11. LOL I call that car the carriage. That’s what it looks like to me since the first time I saw it last year. It’s pretty huge tho.

  12. No practice report today, sorry. It’ll be back tomorrow.

  13. Nice hat LaRon!

  14. My dumbass friend was drunk during the detroit game last year and ran up to this car to question why the driver had to put those huge rims on it. He was kind of being insulting to the owner…little did we know it was Laron Landry’s. I told him the day after it was probably Laron…Now I know for sure it was his ride. This was early in the year before he became a recognizable face of the redskins. So Laron if you read this and remember…I appologize on behalf of my friend again. RIP 21 – Greatest blog site in the world.

  15. Any amount of money can be pee’d away. I read recently that most professional athletes end up broke. Someone better tell him to drop his bad spending habits early. No one is impressed. I’ll be impressed if he is still living off this money when he is 50.

  16. If you don’t mind, can you do me a HUGE favor please??? I went to Dulles Town Center today for Landry’s autograph and he was just so wonderful!!! Please tell him that the little Indian girl that was all crazy and asked for a pic w/her kissing him on the cheek said “YOU ARE AWESOME and I LOVE YOU!!!” Also tell him that I’ll be cheering him on tomorrow at the game! :)


  17. I saw your tight ride this morning near Redskins Park in Ashburn VA. I figured it was a player but could see through that tint. Sweet Ride. Keep up the stellar defense LaRon. Hail to the redskins…..F Dallas!

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