Fan Reminder: Buses Leave At 12:15 on Saturday

Any fans planning to come to Redskins Park on Saturday to send the buses off on the trip to Dallas, please be aware that the buses will be GONE BY 12:15, a bit earlier than usual, and plan accordingly.


8 Responses

  1. Do the ‘skins never fly? Seems like a long hike to drive.

  2. I assume these are the buses taking them to Dulles.

  3. These buses will be on their way to Dulles Jeff.

  4. Ha. Ha. Ha.

    Uhm…strike that from the record!


  5. I will be there to send my babies off!!!

  6. Give ’em a HAIL! for me Tamika!

  7. So what our the chance if we do beat these cowgirls on sunday. Dallas sure dose not have any tape on Zorns playbook. So what if we can do this again. I Think we can do this, A big test for all falls on how comfort is Jason going to be. He is Jim Zorn under the radar. So far i see what Zorn’s Vision is with the team and Campbell.. LOOK OUT DALLAS HERE COMES THE ZORNS WEST COAST.. This would be a good game for 2 tightend set with Cooley & F.Davis… just a thought.

  8. diesel is cheaper than jet fuel so they mob in buses were gonna leave texas stadium quiet 27-24 lets go Skins’ get em cowturds

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