Practice Squad Move – Gatewood out, Baldwin in

That rumored roster move from yesterday turns out to be a practice squad move, and not to involve Alfred Fincher. Curtis Gatewood was released from the practice squad, and former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Johnny Baldwin was added.


6 Responses

  1. This is what the “Sourcerer” reported almost 24 hours ago. Will Igor be giving him props tonight on “Redskins Nation?”

  2. I’d be more excited if it were Alec Baldwin…

  3. Lest we forget to mention that JLC (in his blog) first had Fincher leaving with packed bags?

  4. glonn, “the sourcerer” didn’t report this yesterday, he said GAtewood was cut from the PS, but before he said that, he and reid had Fincher being cut, that’s good reporting! Nice job jack a s s

  5. His comment was that Fincher was leaving with a gigantic bag of stuff, so from an observation standpoint, I don’t blame him too much for jumping to that conclusion.

    As far as the roster move itself is concerned, not a lot of stats on Baldwin from his time in Kansas. He was drafted in the 5th round by the Lions, I tried looking up his Alabama A&M stats but couldn’t really find anything notable. So as far as the actual roster move goes, I guess its nice to improve depth at LB however they can do it.

  6. It was actually the good Jason that made the Fincher observation. I retract my previous blog entry.

    I guess for JLC’s sake, it is good to see someone else make a less than accurate blog entry.

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