On the Field for Practice – 9/24

Strange day at practice today. With the onset of the divisional games and the season getting into swing, the coaching staff has become more secretive. Reporters were asked to leave after about 25 minutes, and most of the day was devoted to installing plays specifically for Dallas. It will be interesting to see how the ever-candid Zorn deals with the increased need for concealment.

  • Jason Campbell continues to look incredibly sharp in practice. He’s moving well and seeing the field well — I’m beginning to think it’s possible to actually watch him become more comfortable in this system by the day.
  • The young offensive linemen had a surprisingly good set of one on one pass rushing drills. At various points Chad Rinehart, Justin Geisinger, and Devin Clark each made a surprisingly good play.
  • That said, the pass rushers look fired up. Demetric Evans, Rob Jackson, and Erasmus James all clearly know that Jason Taylor’s injury opens the door for one of them to impress, and drills were becoming somewhat heated as a result.
  • Speaking of Taylor, his situation escalated into high drama for no immediately apparent reason. Taylor made an impromptu appearance at Redskins Park today, and mentioned that doctors had insisted on doing the procedure on his leg promptly. This, apparently, led people to finally read up on compartmental syndrome — which I mentioned on Monday that “the internet makes sound characteristically terrifying” — and found out that it could have caused amputation or even death if untreated. So Coach Zorn got to explain all about the anatomy of the calf again, which satisfied no one (but was entertaining), and then Bubba Tyer was asked to come out and speak to the media for the first time in ages to explain exactly what had happened. (Very short version: everything was under control, and other players, including a “prominent linebacker,” have suffered this before and returned quickly.)
  • Malcolm Kelly participated in light work, but had his ankle so heavily taped that Zorn described it as looking like a cast. In that light work, though, I did see him make a nice catch on a short comeback pattern, so there’s that.
  • Stephon Heyer did not practice, but got his “mental reps” in, according to Zorn. And Mike Sellers sat out with a quad injury after being “kicked in the side of the thigh.”

9 Responses

  1. so is malcolm kelly ever going to be healed and full go? is he even going to play in dallas?

  2. Whatever happened to getting time stamps, Matt?

    Keep it up, I love this blog!


  3. Im ready for Dallas

  4. Great News about Jason Campbell. The team will need to face the Cowboys with all gears clicking!

    Woo Hoo!

  5. What’s up, Matt.

    I recently wrote a post on Die Hard Redskins Fan about the nice things the Cardinals players and coaches were saying about Jason. I must agree with them, and you that he looks like things are starting to click.

    Unfortunately, there are still some who think Campbell is in over his head, like the individual who offered his comment on my site. I remember a few weeks back, when I first wrote about the Campbell vs. Brennan ‘thang’, there were so many Brennan fans.

    I wonder if they’ve transitioned to support Campbell now, or if they’re just waiting for him to stumble.

    U da man, Matt. Keep up the good work!!

  6. Hmm… I agree, you gotta get on the boys at WordPress to find out what the deal is with time stamping posts. Otherwise, keep it up.

  7. Malcolm Kelly. I’m pretty sure there was a movie starring Samuel L. Jackson about this guy. “Unbreakable”, I believe.

    *runs away from blog*

  8. that ‘prominent linebacker’ was Brian Urlacher according to the washtimes…

  9. Matt,

    The time stamp on your blog entry would be nice!!!

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