Attention Redskins Fans in St. Louis and San Francisco (updated)

Awful Announcing has this week’s broadcast maps, showing which areas get which games. As you’d expect, the only NFC late game — YOUR Washington Redskins at the Dallas Cowbys — has pretty much saturation coverage on FOX, with number one announcing team Joe Buck and Troy Aikman attached.

This is one of those games that’s good news for out-of-market Redskins fans who don’t have the NFL Sunday Ticket — a chance to see their favorite team without the hassle of locking down a table at the local sports bar.

Unless you live in or around St. Louis or the Bay Area.

That little gray spot in the map is the St. Louis area of Missouri, which is receiving the Bills at the Rams on CBS in the late game spot, thus locking out the FOX late game. The Bay Area in California has the same problem, although their gray area blends into the Pacific a bit. So Redskins fans in those two areas, consider yourself warned: start picking out a sports bar now.


10 Responses

  1. You should warn BayArea Fans as well!

  2. That’s a good point. The San Francisco metro sort of blends into the Pacific there, but they won’t be receiving the game either.

  3. All that red should be turned to burgandy!


  4. I’ve been living in the Bay Area for 6 years, and this isnt the first time this has come up. Every Sunday we’re forced to watch the 49ers and the Raiders, and that’s it. This Sunday, our local FOX affiliate is cutting away from football to show 49ers post-game followed by the epically poor movie Elektra. My friend Bob and I are breaking into another friend’s house just to see the game that 99% of the country can watch on their own damn TVs.

  5. Yeah, blackouts are a pain in the ass. But at the same time, Sunday Ticket is a pain in the ass as well. Until recently, the lack of on demand programming really weakened the appeal of their services.

    Its rare, but not everyone can get a sat connection. My neighbors have no good angle for the dish, so they are on cable as a result.

    I’ll admit I’m on cable too, but the comcast triple play is a good deal for the first year at least. As long as I don’t get booted because of bandwidth limitations.

  6. Where did you get this map? I live in Baltimore, and it would nice to know early in the week (without having to scroll through 4 days of shows on the comcast guide) to know which games I will see on regular TV and those which I have to go to a bar.


  7. You can’t see it but there must be a huge red mark in the middle of the pacific.

    Hail! We got the game on here at 10am, sundey. Let the drinks start flowing for the some hundred new Redskin fans.


  8. hey San Francisco Skins Fans – Is there a good Skins Bar out there for meeting up?

  9. The Awful Announcing blog posts them every week as soon as they go up; I believe they get them from

  10. Brian, in the South Bay check out Double D’s in Los Gatos where many longtime Skins fans show up and the food and drink are excellent, or Stuft Pizza in Milpitas.


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