Tuesday, September 23: Finishing Up (Hopefully) With that Tampering Thing

Well, after I spent yesterday morning rambling about looking forward and getting ready for Dallas Week and so on, much of the rest of the day was spent on pretty much the exact opposite. It would be nice to just let the whole tampering accusations thing recede into the distance, but there is one update of note.

When I tried to speak to Jason La Canfora about the issue yesterday, he mentioned that he couldn’t talk until he had finished speaking with his higher-ups at the Post, and a statement from Sports Editor Emilio Garcia-Ruiz was posted on the Redskins Insider blog last night. An excerpt:

Jason did not make any sort of complaint whatsoever. (In fact, reporters cannot charge teams with violations of NFL rules. Only other teams can file charges like tampering.) He referred to Cerrato’s questions about Raiders coach Lane Kiffin only to provide context for the question he was asking. He did not write about the issue.

We called the league today to confirm that Jason had not charged the Redskins with tampering. Here’s what NFL spokesman Michael Signora had to say: “Jason LaCanfora called our office and said that Vinny Cerrato was talking in specifics on his radio show about the Raiders’ coaching position. Jason wanted to know if that could possibly be a tampering issue. Jason has been told that there is no general prohibition against publicly talking about another team’s players or staff. It routinely occurs throughout the league.

Mike Florio at ProFootballTalk.com weighed in on that post, speculating that La Canfora was trying to indirectly call the league’s attention to the potential issue.

And in saying that, we’re not defending Cerrato. We’ve criticized him over the years as much as anyone. But we know a little indirect poop-stirring when we see it, and we think that there’s a chance La Canfora made the inquiry hoping that it would get back to Cerrato, and strike a nerve.

Florio has pretty much made his name by being one of the league’s great indirect poop-stirrers, that’s for sure.

Which, as far as I know, is where things stand now. It may seem hugely dysfunctional, but when it comes to acrimony between league executives and beat reporters, I think the Raiders take the title at the moment.


8 Responses

  1. And PFT now says LaConfora “emailed” them and accused Cerrato of slander.

    It’s getting better all the time, LaConfora hasn’t publicly addressed it in any way, no posts all day yesterday, but a flurry this morning.

    Time to prep for the Cowboys, sick ’em Skins!

  2. On the Post’s reply it said that the comments that Cerrato made were pretty much standard and done all around the league, which leads me to ask if JLC is a sports reporter, how come he didn’t know that but the league office did?

    We’re all adults here and realize what’s going on, but the last thing I want to read about my hometown team is a bunch of negative comments.

    I think we as fans can see that we might have got something great with Zorn, and JLC needs to put his personal issues aside with Cerrato and give the fans something to cheer about.

    I know that in this day and age that negative posts and news stories are what make the headlines, but as a fan I find Matt Terl’s posts more what I want to read as a Redskin Fan and are positive yet tempered with caution, as any fan should be right now.

    Keep the good work up Matt!!!

  3. Matt,
    You are now the “Redskins Insider” that I plan to read from now on.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. And JLC is the “Redskin Outsider”.

  5. JLC =D.B. (and that doesn’t stand for defensive back)

    Haterism at its best. We should light his blogs up!

  6. Oh. So JLC wasn’t doing anything wrong, he’s just stupid. Thanks for clearing that up WP.

  7. look guys. nobody would’ve known if vinny weren’t such a loser and so petty to bring it up. jlc never posted about it. doesn’t vinny have anything better to do with his time???!!! are you kidding me – really, starting a fight with a beat reporter is worth his time… wow. what a pathetic situation for all of us die hard fans. it seems vinny’s job isn’t only director of football operations, but also media relations

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