Tuesday Redskins Links – 9/23

Better known as Tuesday’s Jason La Canfora/Vinny Cerrato Tampering Hoo-hah Links, I suppose, since that’s what there’s a lot of chatter about today. Despite my best efforts this morning, I find myself unable to step away from the radio drama.

  • Since my last (theoretically final) update on the subject, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio has quoted an email in which La Canfora accuses Cerrato of both “slander” and “making a mockery of fact and reality”. (What looks like the full email, or at least a very similar one, is posted on ExtremeSkins.) Florio doesn’t go after either side, although he does acknowledge being “a bit troubled by La Canfora’s apparent personal bias against Cerrato.”
  • On the other side of the ball, Steinberg at the DC Sports Bog stays neutral by sticking almost entirely to the transcript of yesterday’s show. His transcript is more complete than mine was, and is worth a read. (EDIT TO ADD: An emailer just pointed out that he also transcribes Larry Michael’s rant from last night’s Redskins Nation, and that it’s a rather amusing read.)
  • Mr. Irrelevant, Bucktown Skins Fan, and the DC Pro Sports Report blogs all accept the Post’s explanation of events and, to varying degrees, feel that La Canfora was likely just doing his due diligence, researching a potentially thorny issue. The comment thread at Mr. I has a pretty good back-and-forth on the subject going, actually, that hadn’t yet degenerated into calls for arson or violence.
  • Chaz at the Player Hater’s Ball is on the horns of a dilemma, as his “two least favorite people associated with the team” go head to head. It’s a tricky situation to find oneself in, but he manages to untangle his own personal Gordian knot by chastising La Canfora, but ultimately blaming Cerrato for creating his own mess by having a radio show in the first place.
  • Meanwhile, the folks over at the various Redskins message boards have set aside their regularly scheduled frustration with the front office and have focused it largely on the La Canfora and Washington Post, which is interesting to watch.

Never a dull moment in Redskins media land, I suppose.

6 Responses

  1. Larry Michael comes off as a complete doofus if you read what he said on yesterday’s Redskins Nation.

    Every time I watch that show, I’m in awe that he has a job in front of the camera (I will say his production skills are pretty good).

  2. Yeah, that rant he made was terrible. Complete garbage.

    Florio has it right on this whole situation, both sides are being stupid. Definitely worth reading to get a more neutral opinion on the events.

  3. After watching Larry Michael tonight, wow just wow. He makes himself, and the entire organization, look like petulant little children. Really Larry? He’s going to give info about the Redskins to other teams? Really? And what info would that be Larry, since you guys seem to believe his info is always wrong anyway. Paranoid, delusional, silly. This is a billion dollar organization, and you act like this towards a reporter, all because he won’t blow sunshine up your….

  4. J-Lac wants to be part of the story. He’s not reporting he’s participating.

    Larry Michael is by far the worst announcer I’ve heard cover the Skins in my 43 years of fandom – he’s way too much of a mouthpiece and he lacks the skill to sound objective and the lack of skill to sound objective leads to him coming off like what he is – a hyper PR staffer who is overly glib and with zero valuable insight.

    J-Lac is LM’s evil twin. Talented but bitter. He’s the anti-homer. Not a reporter. And lacks the skill to craft his message without outing his own bias.

    Both suck. BUT J-Lac is trying to hurt my team, passive or intentional, and he needs to be removed from the Park immediately.

  5. Oh my God…did anyone see Redskins Nation today? Larry Michael went off AGAIN on JLC. This time he actually mentioned his name and read the post his editor put on his blog. He then went on to say that how can any Redskins fan live with having JLC in the building since any and all information he could get his hands on could be leaked to other teams in the league. He could end up being a source to Dallas newspaper. HEY MORON, HE’S A FLIPPING REPORTER. IF HE GETS HIS HANDS ON INFORMATION, HE’S GOING TO LEAK IT TO THE WORLD!

    He finished with saying to send any and all emails for Vinny on Thursday because “he always tells the truth.”

    How can this guy go to bed at night living a life like that? He’s such a puppet.

  6. We win two good games in a row and this is what there is to talk about.

    What I want to see is Vinny and Jason dressed up like Hogettes and then slapping each other silly with their purses.

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