Another Week, Another Vote: Campbell for FedEx Air Player of the Week

Redskins QB Jason Campbell has been nominated for NFC Air Player of the Week, to be determined by fan vote. (As noted by a commenter last week, I’m having some trouble with the voting links in Firefox, but they seem to work fine in both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.) The other nominees are Tampa’s Brian Griese and San Diego’s Philip Rivers. Vote early, vote often.

9 Responses

  1. Matt Terl, I absolutely love your blog. Keep up the good work my man! I read it twice daily.

    I have a small request though if you could. I found this posted on a Cowboys message board, and I was wondering if you could get TO’s comments into the hands of guys like Shawn Springs and Laron Landry. It is about a discussion he had on talk radio about this coming game. If it would help the team to know, let them know! Otherwise, let it go, but I just was asking if it would. The link is here:

  2. Oh, and one more vote for Campbell haha!

  3. Goat to hero in two games- Go Jason! Go ‘Skins!!!

  4. What happend to everyone wanting to put Colt in. I really hate stupid people.

  5. Matt, what’s up with Fincher, Reid reported he left with a full bag of stuff, was he cut? Or just doing laundry?

  6. nick, those capricious and uneducated fans have been silenced, at least for now. If Campbell has ONE bad game though, I’m sure they’ll be back. It’s too bad not all of our fanbase is patient and educated.

    Another interesting note: Campbell gets nominated for this award after a stellar week, and has a QB rating of over 100 on the season after winning two games in convincing fashion while the ‘skins were underdogs, and neither Campbell nor the team get any mention in either of Peter King’s MMQB columns (Monday & Tuesday editions).


  7. Jeff L.– I’d rather everyone keep ignoring us, Zorn’s got enough to do as it is. He’s doing a great job of handling things, I’m just enjoying the ride myself.

    This week is the week to prove what this team can do, win or lose, we get a real barometer this week.

  8. I love Campbell and it’s great to see the support for him in the blogs. Him and Zorn together really makes our future look good.

    One more vote for Campbell!

  9. Jeff- lol. I just had to throw that in there. After week one i was going completely insane reading the things people wrote. I’m still waiting for the Portis haters to start in.

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