Zorn Press Conference: Killing A Mood

The mood heading into Coach Zorn’s press conference today was fairly light-hearted, as you’d expect. It’s the day after a win, the second straight. It’s a light day of work for the players, which also makes things easier on the media. And even the weather here in Ashburn is gorgeous. Which made the first bit of news out of Zorn’s mouth seem like a real downer.

  • Jason Taylor out for at least one game. Apparently Taylor got kicked in the calf during the second quarter of yesterday’s game. No one thought much of it, and he continued to play — the worst anyone assumed was charlie horse. The symptoms got worse as the night progressed, though, and Taylor went to the hospital late. They discovered that he was suffering from compartmental syndrome, which the internet makes sound characteristically terrifying, but which can apparently be handled with a quick procedure, about 20 minutes. “He’s gonna be fine,” Zorn said. “Our problem is, he’s gonna be out for this Dallas game and we’re not sure beyond that.” Zorn followed this up with a brief anatomy lesson, describing the various muscles in the calf, but the mood was pretty much already shot.
  • There were a couple of lighter moments in the press conference — asked why the team runs to the left so much, Zorn imitated the reporter, saying, “‘Gosh! They’re running to the left a lot!’ Well, we’ve got an all-pro left tackle!” — but even those turned sort of grim. Zorn followed up the compliment for Samuels by noting that Stephon Heyer wouldn’t practice if there was practice today, and that if he can’t go before Friday, he’s not playing.
  • As far as the safety question, Zorn said, “I think we’re still with Reed [Doughty]. I haven’t heard anything different, and I haven’t thought anything different.” He said that he saw Doughty limping, which was why Chris Horton played more of the second half.

Not really the lighthearted celebration of a win that I had expected and hoped for.


16 Responses

  1. son of a bitch.

  2. Yep, thats pretty crappy news heading into Dallas week! Ah well, I guess it could have been worse, both injuries seem minor and short term.

    I still feel great about our win and I think we have a legitimate case to compete for a playoff spot.

  3. Thanks for the update, Matt. What’s the status of Erasmus James? Is he back to his 1st round draft pick talent status? If so, let’s close ranks, strap up for practice, and go to work!

    It’s Cowboys week! Bring it on!!

  4. According to Zorn, Erasmus is looking good and progressing well, although he’s still got work to do. We’ll see — Coach held off suggesting who the starter would actually be, at least at this point.

  5. Well crap, that doesn’t bode well going into the game this week. I’ve gotta give it up to both Taylor and Heyer for continuing to play yesterday.

  6. Here’s a direct quote from Zorn today on Erasmus James, which I hadn’t included in the notes above: “He’s getting back into the swing of things. He hasn’t been where he wants to be or where we want him to be, but he’s going to continue to improve. He’s on an uphill track for us, and I think that’s good.”

  7. Ben needs to keep is profane speech to himself. He shows his lack of intelligence by expressing himself in that manner. I would think an educated person could use more intelligence speech to express disappointment.

  8. Make that “intelligent” speech!

  9. Any chance we can get a picture of Portis’s tribute to Sean Taylor on his truck? The “other” blog made mention of it, but no pics.

  10. Portis asked me not to take (or, I suppose, post) any pictures of the truck, and these are wishes that I’m definitely going to be respecting. As I’ve written before, Sean Taylor’s death still resonates incredibly strongly with a lot of the players here, especially his closest friends, and many of them try to keep as much of it private as they can. Sorry about that, but I’m sure you all can understand where he’s coming from.

  11. Matt,

    You are the best blogger in this area.

  12. Thanks for the heads up on the truck. Hearing about the design was just something that sounded really interesting.

    If that’s what Portis wants, that’s what Portis should get.

  13. abrlcklnthewall, I kinda have to disagree with you on that one. If CP had his truck designed as a tribute to Sean Taylor, it seems to me that he should share it with all the Redskins fans. Obviously, if he’s driving it around DC, the local fans get to see it on the road. Why shouldn’t us out-of-town fans get to enjoy it as well? Unless, of course, he doesn’t drive it and it stays parked in his garage as a private tribute to his friend.

  14. Under normal circumstances, I’d agree that posting photos for the out-of-towners is important. But this is a tough situation, and there is a lot of emotion involved.

    In this case, because its his truck, respecting CP’s decision seems to be the way to go. I’d rather hear about the existence of the truck and not see it, than see it, have this blog or any other blog that gets behind the scenes access get cut off because they didn’t respect players decisions.

    Somehow I doubt CP will be driving this thing around on a regular basis.

  15. I don’t blame ZORN for not being upbeat.
    Jason Taylor ..bad left leg, left knee was questionable on openind day, and I’m sure not 100 percent.. So both legs probably don’t have much push. Not good.
    Is this a correct assessment, or is the situation not that bad.?

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