Monday, September 22: Looking Forward (and Backward, Too)

Photo by Ben Schumin, 2005, via Wikimedia Commons.

Photo by Ben Schumin, 2005, via Wikimedia Commons.

There will be plenty of game recap today, I’m sure.

Coach Zorn will give his press conference, the players will talk, we’ll read all the articles online. But one of the things I’ve noticed in the office here at Redskins Park is that Mondays are already about the next week.

People talk about statistics, standing, and what different parts of the game imply moving forward — but it’s almost never just about reviewing what happened, that, “Hey, did you see that Moss catch” kind of conversation that’s a mainstay in most other places I’ve worked. Antwaan Randle El alluded to this attitude among the players when I spoke to him on Friday — “you’re trying to move on to the next week, and they’re still asking about last week,” he said –and the tendency to look ahead seems to spread in its own way up to the rest of the staff.

And it’s Dallas Week, so there’s plenty to look forward to. For example, this will be the last regular season Redskins appearance at Texas Stadium, as the Cowboys prepare to move into their incredibly expensive new building next season, a fact that I’m sure will be mentioned roughly seven hundred and thirty times during this week’s TV broadcast.

But that, in turn, makes me look backward to the Redskins leaving RFK Stadium. Their last game there was a meaningless regular season matchup against Dallas on December 22, 1996 — more than a decade ago, amazingly — and despite its meaninglessness, I remember how important it seemed that the Redskins win the last game on their longtime homefield, especially against the Cowboys. I fully expect that the Cowboys will feel the same way this coming week, and it’s just one more thing to consider as we start looking forward this Dallas Week.


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  1. I remember that game in 1996, I was there, sitting in end zone seats under the big Bud clock. The Cowboys were off the playoffs and did not play their starters for long.

    After the game security ringed the playing field in a half hearted effort to keep fans off the field, that lasted all of a minute as Redskins fans poured out of the stands for one last goodbye to RFK. We rolled in the grass, stood in the end zone and I sure wish I had brought a camera that day.

    I pulled up some red painted grass from inside the helmet logo in the end zone and stuffed it in my pocket. That field turf, immortal now covered in paint and the ticket from that game sit in a small dish inside an airtight bag in my home office, right above the computer where I hold forth on Curly R. Norval Turner was the Redskins coach back then but it was Joe Gibb’s name and his trademark flat front curly r Redskins logo hat on the ticket that day.

    A great day, a great game and a fond farewell to RFK. I hope one day to see the Redskins back on that site, playing at a new RFK.

  2. Matt–

    Can we please talk about how great Reed Doughty played?

    Second leading tackler on the team…forced a fumble…

    the guy is amazing.

  3. Drew –

    Reed Doughty also got burned on the 62-yard TD to fitzgerald.

    i agree he’s better than most give him credit for, but there is definite room for improvement. i bet Chris Horton sees a lot of time this week against Dallas, mainly because of his athleticism.

  4. I remember being at that game and the intensity was incredible. As crappy as RFK was, I miss that stadium and the noise created by the bleachers. I was practically raised there and it will always be special to me.

  5. Matt, I just read the Mortenson on ESPN is reporting that Jason Taylor is out against the Cowboys due to an emergency medical procedure on his shin.

    Can you confirm that?

  6. Hey, speaking of the Cowboy’s new stadium, is it still considered arson if they’re a rival?

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