Sunday, September 21: Gameday, Redskins v. Cardinals Playlist

Playlists are a big thing in bloggyworld. Just off the top of my head, Chris Cooley has been known to post his, and Homer McFanboy does his game recaps in playlist form. I can’t see any reason anyone would be interested in my own pregame playlist (today’s drive in was The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place by Explosions in the Sky, which is unlikely to really fire anyone up), especially since no one has to share it with me.

Marcus Washington, however, gets to share his playlist with all his teammates and anyone else in the stadium for warmups — and, in fifteen second snippets, with the 92,000 people attending the game. Each week, he puts in a list of suggested pregame songs, as well as recommended songs for in-game breaks. “For the most part they take my suggestions,” he says. “I have to stay on them at the beginning of the year, but once we get into the season, they get to understanding and it gets flowing a little better.”

Here’s what he requested this week, along with a few reasons why. (All links are to non-downloadable clean versions of the songs in question.)

  • Put On, by Jeezy featuring Kanye West. – “Young Jeezy’s talking about puttin’ on for his city, that’s kinda the same way that we feel when we play, sayin’ we’re representing DC. That’s what it’s about. We’re gonna go out there and do our thing and represent the city.”
  • Foolish, by Shawty Lo.
  • I’m Me, by Lil Wayne. – “That’s a great song. I heard Michael Phelps say that he listens to Lil Wayne, and anything that’s good enough for Phelps is good enough for me.”
  • Whatever You Like, by T.I. – “At the end of the warmups you’re kinda cooling back off a little bit, get your mind right, make some last minute deals with your past, stretchin’ a little bit, coaches might come and talk to you, maybe you get a prayer in. It’s real chill at that moment, so you maybe come back down before you go back out – it’s the quiet before the storm.”

The in-game list has the same first three songs, but the last track is replaced by I Run This, by Bird Man. – “During gametime, you’ve only got 15 to 20 seconds of music time, so you want a song that comes in right away. You don’t want a song that has to build up, because you don’t have time to hear it climax. You want one of those songs that gets the crowd going and gets you going before the play, to get you amped up.”

At the bottom of the page, Washington added the following drawing:

So does that mean you’re not a fan of Make Noise, by Five Stone?

“Man, I hate that song,” Washington says. “We need to take that song and send it to Dallas, because that song is … it’s just not real good.” It’s tough to argue with, honestly.

2 Responses

  1. Explosions in the Sky is amazing! It pumps me up for sure. And ‘The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place’ is their best album. Go Skins!

  2. just trying to figure out what song is played at some games it was also recently in a dr pepper commercial. Not “I want it all” i just cant think of it!?

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