Redskins v. Saints Cardinals pregame – Brief Thoughts from Daryl Johnston

I won’t be able to hear them, but for those of you watching the game on TV today, your announcers will be Kenny Albert and Daryl “Moose” Johnston, with Tony Siragusa on the sidelines. I bumped into Johnston on the field during pregame stretching and was able to ask a few quick questions about what he expects from this week’s game.

Where are you at in your pregame preparation?

Right now, we’re doing a rehearsal for a live shot in the pregame. I’m usually down here, but I usually head to the both around 11:00. Today to record this, I’m gonna be down here until 12:30.

Cutting it a little close, there.


All right — what should Redskins fans be looking for today?

On the Redskins side of the ball, I think the big thing is, can they take that next step offensively. It sounded like they had some confidence after the game last week, especially that fourth quarter, and now can you continue to progress? I think it’s been hard for everybody, with all the change that’s been here, never being able to be in a system to the point where you understand the subtleties and the nuances of it.

Defensively, I think that the Cardinals present as challenging an offense as anyone in the NFL.

They’ve looked good this season.

They really have.

What did you see at practice at Redskins Park this week that’s worth mentioning?

If it comes down to a field goal, the punter will hold the ball better than he did last week. The one thing that I noticed at practice was just how many holds they had him doing.


2 Responses

  1. check your title for this entry… the Saints are a distant memory :)

  2. Man, I was doing that ALL day and I thought I had caught all of them. Guess I missed one … thanks for the heads-up.

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