Redskins v. Cardinals – Second Quarter Thoughts

  • I’ve never seen one offensive player called for pass interference on the first two passes thrown to him during a game. Not the kind of excitement I was hoping for from Devin Thomas. (Although the replay certainly made that one look like a VERY questionable call.)
  • The 48 yard field goal attempt by Shaun Suisham is good. So maybe all that holding practice that Daryl Johnston alluded to worked out.
  • Marcus Washington looks as good as I’ve seen him in a long time. He’s closing quickly on ballcarriers, and made a great tackle on first down. It was still a seven yard gain for Edgerrin James, but Washington prevented it from going much longer.
  • Antwaan is back this time, and either the Santana Moss experiment lit a little fire under him or he really meant it when he told me that it was minor injuries holding him back, because he ran with a lot more force and determination on that one than his attempts last week. Still only six yards, but they were … I dunno, better-looking yards. Too bad they don’t award points for that, I guess.
  • After the offense stalls, Brooks gets off a much better punt, possibly the best one he’s had in the regular season. A few missed tackles make it seem like it’s not going to matter, but he gets some help from a holding penalty. If punting is as mental as these guys have been claiming it is, the hope has to be that that 45 yarder starts Brooks becoming what everyone hopes he’s going to be.
  • Pass interference penalties have been killing the Skins today, between the two offensive ones on Thomas and a crucial defensive pass interference against Carlos Rogers on an Arizona third down.
  • That was a hugely frustrating drive, culminating in an Anquan Boldin touchdown. Even aside from the killer penalty on Rogers, it just felt like a return to the near-misses of the first game: guys slightly out of position, or getting to position just a half second late, or being in position but missing tackles. The positive side is that even given all of that help, it still took the Cardinals 6:20 to score and it never looked like they got fully into synch.
  • Speaking of not in synch, not an impressive drive for the Redskins there, which sets up another Durant Brooks punt. We’ve reached the point where I’m actively rooting for the guy to have turned the corner … and it looks like he has, at least on this one. Even in the normally quiet press box, that punt elicits a couple of exclamations along the “Hell of a kick!” lines, and none of them are from me. 56 yards for Brooks on the kick, and even the fans reward him with some appreciative cheers.

One Response

  1. Two quick target and completions to Cooley, then it seems like Campbell has not looked his direction. Are the Card’s LB corps shutting him down like they did last season?

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