Redskins v. Cardinals – Postgame Notes & Quotes

  • Coach Zorn was asked if the interception was vindication for Carlos Rogers after all the abuse he’s taken for his hands. “He’s going to continue to take it, but that was an excellent play. Once you get a reputation, our players can be ruthless, but he proved today that they oughtta back off. I’ll tell you what was most excellent about that play though: he didn’t just lay there and bask in his glory. He got up and made a huge play to set us up for that screen to Santana Moss.” I’m not sure why, but I find the openness around the whole Carlos Rogers hands situation hilarious — usually, as a fan, you sit there and say, “God, don’t they realize that guy can’t catch?” In this case, the answer seems to be, yes, everyone realizes it.
  • And now that it’s a relative non-issue, at least for one week, Rogers himself can ignore it completely. I asked him how it felt to get the reception, and he said. “You win as a team,” he said. “Everybody playing together like that, like you can’t save it for later.” I guess that’s nice to hear, although the other approach probably would’ve been more exciting.
  • The problem on the kick was apparently not with Durant Brooks. “The hold and everything was fine. [Special Teams Coach Danny Smith] just wanted to make sure my head was in the game,” he said. The problem, and what led to the cameras catching Coach Smith shouting at Brooks was that he called for the ball too soon. “I was looking back at Shaun [Suisham], and I made sure everybody was down there. I looked up, Shaun said he was ready to go — we both were — and I tried to call for the ball before [long snapper] Ethan [Albright] even had the ball.” The level of relief that Brooks felt after having a better performance was visible from across the locker room. Asked about his long punt, he said, “Oh, that was awesome. I don’t know if you could see me on the field, but I was bursting blood vessels out there.”
  • Devin Thomas faced mixed emotions about a few aspects of his game. On the negated touchdown: “I do feel like I scored my first NFL touchdown, it’s just not gonna be on the stats. I’ve just gotta hope I can get one next week.” And on the two offensive pass interference calls: “I’m an aggressive player, so I’ve gotta realize I can’t be down the field pushing and shoving with the defender. I gotta work on that, make sure I relax when I’m down the field and just go up for the ball without pushing and shoving.” One thing he does not have mixed feelings about is his quarterback’s ability to deliver the ball. “Jason can make the throws from all kinds of angles — back foot, running sideways, jumping … his arm’s so strong,” he said. “You’ve gotta keep in mind that no matter where you are on the field, he can hit you.”
  • And, as I noted in the comments, Clinton Portis seemed supportive of Stephon Heyer on the block that called back the TD, claiming that Cardinals LB Karlos Dansby DT Darnell Dockett had been playing dirty all game.
  • Jason Campbell’s streak of completed passes to close the last game and open this game totalled 16, making it the second-longest such streak in team history. Mark Brunell, of course, has the record with 22, which earned his jersey a spot in the Hall of Fame.

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  1. sweet post Matt


  3. good work today matt. and all week, You get the game ball

  4. Great game notes today. I was at FedEx for the Saints game but today you helped make it seem like I was right there for all the action in my living room. And let’s hope the X-Ray boys stay nice and bored all year!

  5. Congrats, ‘Skins! Caught the end of the game on Sirius/NFL channel audio. WOO HOO!

  6. Jason does it once again. We played very well im glad we got the win. ON to D-town we will be tested lets go skins.

  7. So I guess Campbell CAN play in this offense, HUH? I wonder where LaConfora’s “sources” are now.

    Pretty cool.

  8. go #22 Carlos Rodgers… last week in the game against the saints, i took my son to his first football game, afterwards we went to the back gate where the players park, of all the redskins, he was the only one that came over there to sign autographs, making my sons first game memorable, it was cool for me and my son to be at a football party yesterday, and when carlos landed that key interception, my son said thats the player that signed my jersey…. Go Skins!!! Thanks Carlos

  9. I guess this post answers the question from my last comment, the cameras caught Zorn yelling at Durant, not Smith though.

  10. I was reading the Die Hard Redskins Fan site this morning and they awarded their game ball to the entire defense. But, he did mention Durant Brooks by name as a very close second. Brooks will be fine.

    There’s also a post that shows comments from Cardinal fans. They say that the interception by Rogers was created by pass interference. They also say the better team lost.

    Whatever! Like Portis called Mitchell; they’re just hatin’.

  11. Watch the game closer Ben, I know the cameras caught Zorn yelling at Brooks post-field goal… but before Suisham missed the field goal the cameras caught Zorn screaming at Smith… that’s what Matt was talking about…

  12. Arizona…. I am going to keep typing these only cause I think someone is reading and listing to what I am saying lol! Now on I made a prediction saying that if Cooley got the ball 7 times I guarantee a redskins V and I was 100% accurate in my assessment. But what I took from this game is that JC has all of the tools necessary to become a great field general as I have said since he was drafted and I am seeing more signs of greatness. what I like about what JC is doing so far this year is his turnovers and decision making I love how he is now making more plays with his legs which he can do because (truth be told) the kid has some speed! But what I don’t understand is why do our drives stall? The entire 2ed quarter was an atrocity. there is no reason these drives should be stalling like that and Devin Thomas ooo have I got some words for you Mr. Lets Celebrate in the end zone after making two remarkably bone headed offensive PI plays. How do you do that in back to back series no less! Seriously bro I love how you’re coming along I notice that your routers are still way off but somehow close if that makes sense. Well let’s put it this way (you’re still making some college mistakes and plays) but that’s ok cause hopefully by week 6 you will have some of that ironed out! But preferably by Dallas next week! but back to this Arizona game drives should not be stalling like they were in the quarter 2 we cannot be top teams like this we need to be thinking end zone on every down every play we need to be in 2 and 3 situations more instead of 3rd and 3 and we can do that by running naked bootlegs and things like that you know just have JC roll out one way but have the play going to the other side. Jason’s arm is big enough where he can make every and any throw on the field! And I say we let him! also if you noticed I don’t say much about Mr. Portis in any of these blogs because aside from him going at it with b-Mitch over god knows what I see CP for what he really is a full speed gamer he only knows one speed that being said you cannot say anything bad about the man yes he takes himself out of games blah blah blah but I don’t see out full backs or tight ends blowing up linebackers and keeping them out of the backfield but CP does this on a day to day basis. That’s why he does not play preseason. Remember a few years back when he separated his shoulder in preseason? All due to him playing full speed in the preseason and trying to make a play! Now if we had a team full of Cooley’s and Portis’ we would win the EAST every year. one portis gripe I do have however is why is it that when your running you always seem to be falling or getting ready to fall or in the processes of stutter stepping into falling? so anyway when in doubt throw the ball to Chris Cooley if you need 10 have him run an 8 yard route and I bet you he will convert same thing if you need 20 have him run a 15 up the seem and see what happens if he is in open space! Will probly go for a 22 yard pickup. this is constant with Dallas and Jason Whiten he is the Go to Guy and when you think about we have just as many weapons on offense as they do so we should be able to win this game if we go in there like yo we don’t care were going to hang 40+ on you that’s how you got to think every week! Were hanging 40! But let’s go gun for gun.

    US Them

    Campbell Romo
    moss\Randle El T.O\ Creighton

    Portis\Bettes barber\ Jones

    Cooley Whitten

    That’s just part of the puzzle but we have enough in there to match up with these guys we just have to play like we want to win. Because Romo makes the most boneheaded plays but still has the confidence and mentality to let it go and still win for his team. And that’s the difference maker. But these next two weeks are must wins in Philly and Dallas back to back we have to win there is no question about it!

  13. hcoregoskins … man take time to breathe while you’re typing and use more punctuation please. You had some really good things to say, but I had to reread your post about 3 times to take it all in.

  14. Am i the only one who is excited that one of our rookie wide recievers actually did something! I mean we drafted two of them early on for a reason and so far they havent done much so give some love to devin thomas for stepping up in making a huge play. Its not his fault there was a penalty that brought it back.

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