Redskins v. Cardinals – Fourth Quarter Thoughts

  • Carlos Rogers makes an interception, giving him two takeaways on the game, and you have to feel good for the guy. Not only were the fans killing him for not being able to catch the ball (which is pretty typical) and not only were the media types killing him for the same reason (which is also typical), but his coach, teammates, and he himself all acknowledged the problem. This led to amusing blog posts, elaborate drills, and an enormous level of scrutiny on Rogers himself. And that wasn’t an easy interception, nor was it a meaningless one. First Durant Brooks, now Carlos Rogers — this might be a big game for getting over frustrating mental blocks.
  • The Santana Moss touchdown, aside from being an impressive play, means that Moss has caught a touchdown in six straight games heading back to last year’s playoffs, which ties Bobby Mitchell’s Redskins franchise record. It also means that Jason Campbell is probably becoming a viable option at starting quarterback in fantasy football, if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • The defense stiffens up nicely after an awkward start to that drive. A half sack for Rocky McIntosh gives him seven tackles, a half-sack, and a forced fumble on the day.
  • The penalty on Stephon Heyer that called back that touchdown pass to Devin Thomas was questionable at best, but the play itself was still hugely impressive on Campbell’s part — excellent job selling the play-action, good vision to spot Thomas wide open downfield, and the arm strength to put the ball that far downfield off-balance with a guy in his face. While I’m analyzing things that didn’t count, Devin Thomas’s celebration was much less impressive, but he’s young. Hopefully he’ll get that sorted out.
  • The team rallies nicely from that disappointment, though, and moves the ball downfield effectively. Jason Campbell makes what’s probably his first major mental error of the day by tossing a short pass to Mike Sellers on second and six instead of just running the ball himself. It’s really not that bad a decision on the surface — if Sellers makes the easy catch, he’s got the first down — but running the ball would’ve ensured that the clock kept moving, and it certainly looked like Campbell had plenty of room to go. (If the drive doesn’t end with a missed field goal, that play is also a non-issue. Not good news for Durant Brooks, having trouble with the hold after an otherwise improved day.)
  • And for the second straight week, the Redskins ice the victory on a passing play, this time a playaction pass to Cooley. I really enjoy the way this coaching staff calls games.

15 Responses

  1. Heyer you knucklehead!!! How old are you 10?

  2. 2-1 going to dallas baby we getting this one leave the fans quiet in Texas stadium

  3. The Heyer penalty was not at all questionable. Heyer was stupid and I was shaking my head after that one. On TV, the replays clearly showed the guy he hit was just standing there, not at all involved in the play. Heyer cost Campbell-to-Thomas a nice-looking TD.

  4. Great game for Rogers and Durant Brooks (2nd half of course). Devin Thomas also redeemed himself a bit if it weren’t for the penalty call. And finally great to see some Cooley action. Awesome game all around. This should quiet some of the critics. Let’s hope Philly and Dallas both lose.

  5. the heyer hit wasn’t questionable. he blindsided dansby on the play. i think he did it because dansby was the one jawing at portis the previous couple plays. it was a stupid penalty, obviously, but i like to see the guys standing up for one another, even if it was a dumbass play.

  6. Based on Portis’s postgame comments, it sounds like you’re correct — he mentioned that Dansby Dockett had been “dirty all game” and that he was glad Heyer did it.

  7. Heyer cost a TD justified or not so not cool, BUT, he came back after being out of the game SO Heyer gets a BIG UP!

    Durant got ripped by Z. Maybe Collins should hold and just let Brooks focus on kicking?

    Gotta say . . . Thomas looked like a complete DORK celebrating his TD high stepping at the five then acting like he just set an NFL record. What’s up with that guy?
    Note to DT – we HATE T.O. and T.O. wannabes in Skins Nation.

    Sweet win. Next two weeks will be rough. When will T.O. And McNabb go away? I’m hoping for a split and coming home 3-2. HTTR.

  8. I thought it was Darnell Dockett who was jawing with Portis…and I thought it was him that Heyer lit up.


  10. I have no problem with Heyer’s hit, the play still going on, the d-tackle(who ever was) showed his own issues by just standing there while the opposing quarterback was rolling out and throwing a touchdown pass, he deserved a smack down.

    I like the meanness on the O-Line, whether it was a good or bad call by the REFS, that’s what I want to see, defend you guys and show the opponents that we play to the end on every snap, keep it up Heyer!

    Doughty may have lost his starting job too, he didn’t play much after he blew the coverage on another Fitzgerald move, not the touchdown, Fitz didn’t get the ball, but he should have.

  11. Yep, it was Dockett. Not sure how I got that one wrong twice, but thanks for the correction.

  12. No problem Matt, just here to help. As a Skins fan and an Auburn fan I had to look out for my boy Karlos Dansby. He played with Campbell in college and is a very good player, not dirty like Dockett who put Portis in a headlock 2 plays before Heyer lit him up.

  13. What was up with coach Zorn freaking out on Durant Brooks after the long field goal miss in the fourth quarter? The snap and hold seemed ok then on the sidelines Zorn REALLY let Durant have it. After his first dhaky punt Durant had a good day so I did not understand why coach would be so pissed off, I definitely lip read Zorn say at one point, well too bad to Durant before turning away.

  14. Kudos for Heyer. Yeah it was on a touchdown play BUT the guy he roughed up was the same git how horse collared Portis on the two previous plays, and no penalties were given for that. Heyer was watching his Running Back’s back and Portis didn’t suffer anymore neck tackles. So way to go Heyer!

  15. Get ready for a but kicking this weekend deadskins!!! Cowboys OWN you!!! Meet my friend Felix the CAT!

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