Redskins v. Cardinals – First Quarter Thoughts

  • The watchwords for this game all week seem to revolve around continuity and momentum. Can the team keep doing what they finished off with last week? Can they score touchdowns from in the red zone? So this game feels disproportionately important to me, and this initial drive could very well be a microcosm of the game.
  • Which would be a good thing, the way this is going. Campbell is literally continuing the roll he was on last week — he’s picked right back up on his completion streak. The team is moving the ball well, and if this is a microcosm of the game, they’ll be in good shape.
  • Being down on the sideline during game action, one of the things that really strikes me is the urgency in the special teams practice that goes on — Shaun Suisham and Durant Brooks kicking the ball into nets, and Ethan Albright practicing snaps for Brooks to hold. When you see this on TV, it looks almost casual, largely because the directional mics are all pointed at the field so there’s no sound. From close up, it’s clear that there’s nothing casual about it. In fact, all sounds are louder on the sidelines, including the fans, hits, blocks, and even handslaps.
  • Rocky McIntosh and Marcus Washington came up and combined to make an impressive tackle on third and 2 for Arizona, forcing a fourth down attempt. It would be really, really nice to see both of those guys healthy and back up to speed. And after a delay of game penalty moves Arizona back into a punting situation, that stop looks all the more important.
  • Santana Moss back to return a punt. That has to be disappointing to Antwaan Randle El, although it winds up not mattering as the ball bounces into the end zone. Wonder if it’ll continue to be Moss only moving forward.
  • Stephon Heyer suffers a shoulder injury, bringing Jon Jansen into the game. This is an unfortunate opportunity to see if Zorn’s unexpected benching of Jansen was genuinely a necessity.
  • With sixteen seconds left, Campbell throws his first incompletion since last week. He has looked more hassled since Jansen came in, but it really doesn’t look like there’s any direct correlation — both pressures came right up the middle, not around the end.
  • The first Durant Brooks punt of the game has more hangtime than most of what he showed last week, but not much more distance. For as focused and determined as he looked during warmups and on the sideline, you hoped for a little more.
  • A huge hit by McIntosh forcing the fumble, and Carlos Rogers is the one to recover. Not quite as exciting as an interception would be for Rogers, but good to see.
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    1. Can somebody tell Sonny and Sam that TD’s are better than FG’s. They get so excited to be in FG position.

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