On the Field for Practice – 9/19

  • An early practice today, as Friday is something of a shorter day. Not short on intensity, though — one drill was introduced to repeated, emphatic shouts of “Make it realistic, it’s Friday!”
  • Jason Taylor looked quick and active during practice today, batting down one pass and intercepting another at the line. He really does seem recovered from his preseason injury, as well as whatever follow-up ding he suffered during Sunday’s game.
  • An amusing sidelight during defensive line drills today while the guys were doing a reaction time drill, turning and catching a ball coming straight for them. It was running smoothly, as these drills tend to, when Andre Carter mistimed his turn and had the ball bounce clear off his helmet. This, of course, led to much gentle (and not so gentle) mockery.
  • Carlos Rogers had what might have been the best practice I’ve seen from him. He had one interception yesterday and two more today, but what was good to see about today’s picks is that no one teased him for successfully catching them. Be really nice for both him and the team if that could become the norm. Reed Doughty also made a nice interception, stepping cleanly in front of the receiver.
  • What I noticed about Jason Campbell today was that he seemed to be throwing really well rolling out and on the move in general. There have been times when that’s looked slow to me, but I thought it looked effective today, and it didn’t lead to any missed throws that I saw. The time Campbell received the loudest accolades from Coach Zorn, though was when he threw the ball away at the feet of a receiver. It was the sort of play I probably wouldn’t have noted at all, but Zorn’s praise was effusive and surprising.
  • Coach Zorn acknowledged the possibility of having to go with three wide receivers this week, as both Malcolm Kelly and James Thrash are still dinged and are (informally) questionable to play this week, although both practiced. The good news on that front, though, is that “Devin Thomas is in the mix…. He’s starting to play faster, and he’s improving himself as we go on.”
  • Other injury updates from Zorn: Marcus Washington looks good, although still somewhat limited. Khary Campbell looked “a little ginger,” but should be okay. H.B. Blades, Carlos Rogers, and Fred Smoot all looked “fine,” although he noted that Smoot might be a step behind the other two.

8 Responses

  1. Let’s go Malcolm this ain’t college ball. Get healthy, play healthy, and help your teammates. Oh great, here comes the do-nothing-but-celebrate Marcus Washington. We don’t need you bro. You wanna be a cheerleader and jump around, go find a skirt and pom poms. MW is a mary, we don’t need u bro.

  2. Is Kareem Moore going to get any PT this week? People love Horton, but I think Moore might turn out to be the better of the two. I want to see this kid in action.

  3. Marcus is a mary? I have a feeling you would’nt say that to his face………bro.

  4. ok wat r u talking about marcus washington is beast and wen r these rookies gonna grow up we use adll our top draft picks on these playeres and there not performing o well redskins r never good at draft day\

  5. First Py You are clueless and obviously 12 or so years old bro….I have been a fanatic since Jurgy we will be fine.JC is developing wonderfully….
    Oh Yeah Move over Randy Johnson….
    CC new Big Unit!!

  6. damnit matt y dont u write more seriously wuts restraining you

  7. Nice work Matt.

    You have finally made it when your blog has comments like this:

    “ok wat r u talking about”

    “y dont u write”

  8. NIce job Matt! It is really refreshing to get an inside perspective on the redskins…. I read the blog every day! Keep up the good work!

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