Friday, September 19: Hall of Fame Wall Update

The pictures of Art Monk and Darrell Green arrived for the Hall of Fame wall, replacing temporary (and unofficial) inductee Ethan Albright.

If these pictures had been put up in real time as players were inducted, the wall wouldn’t have changed since George Allen’s induction in 2002. Which means that if some Redskins blog had started the same time as ur-sportsblog Deadspin (in 2005) and had been inclined to mention changes on the HOF wall … well, there still wouldn’t have been any more updates than there have been in the last two months. Just another sign — alongside this week’s various excitements — that we are living in interesting Redskins times.


4 Responses

  1. Here’s the really sad part….. how long before another Redskin finds his picture on this wall?? (not counting Ethan of course…)

    Maybe someone will smash a large hole in the wall about the size of a head and put Gus Ferotte’s name under it???

  2. Colleys picture will be there one day… hopefully of his face

  3. hey Matt is your on the field for practice post gonna be longer today or nah i read this blog everyday and it never seems long enough itd be really cool if u broke down like LBs and DBs cause i know u see it

  4. made my year finally to see art monk enter the HOF, i first became aware of the game way back in the late seventies living as i do in Scotland, the first time i saw a clip on tv of the skins and john riggans i decided that no team would do for me but the skins, when the game started to get broadcast over here in the early 80’s then i decided that monk was my man, in my 20’s i was lucky to have a bunch of friends who loved the game and we played every sunday morning, being a small town called Campbeltown on the scottish west coast (home of lawrence tynes, but we don’t mention it) we had the Machrihanish airbase which was home to training US Navy Seals who we played with and against almost every week, winning more than we lost, full contact no pads, no helmets, its a fishing town, they make them tough here, we gave the seals a good work out and a few bruises too, having to play both sides of the ball i was monk on offence, green on defence, this years inductees was a twofor, both my heroes honoured, we could have used both against the rams today, damn

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