Friday Redskins Links – 9/19

  • Chris Cooley decides to show the media how tough it can be being on the barrel end of an interview. Be sure to watch through to the end to see me suffer a complete and catastrophic brain shutdown; Cooley was kind enough to give me some pointers once I had finished embarrassing myself. In other Cooley news, his bobblehead is officially available for purchase, although the haircut is now a bit outdated.
  • Skin Patrol at Hogs Haven has the comprehensive rundown on Vinny Cerrato’s radio show, the media reaction to it, the actual statistics behind the media reaction, and just about anything else Vinny Cerrato Radio Show related. All of that despite claiming to be completely uninterested in the story … it’s pretty impressive.
  • Riggo’s Rag offers a guide for first-time tailgaters and stadium-goers. Despite some sarcastic asides, it’s actually pretty sound advice, but be sure to double-check things against the more official rules of FedExField just to be certain.
  • And The Sporting Blog brings us the terrifying news that Tony Kornheiser is going to be broadcasting Brett Favre’s game this week and plans to foreground that little-seen story in his comments. This has the potential to be genuinely, non-ironically terrible.

7 Responses

  1. Love the Kornholer quip!

  2. Oh, Matt… re Cooley interview- just be prepared with a sentence in case of sudden camera interviews.
    Remember Apollo 13-
    MARILYN LOVELL (confidentially to MARY)
    – Remember? You’re proud, happy and thrilled.

    – How are you feeling?

    – We’re very proud, and very happy, and we’re thrilled.

  3. This comment doesn’t apply to the article. BUT, I don’t know how all you Redskins fans feel, but…I feel that when the Redskins play at Home, they should wear their Burgandy jerseys. The Away (white) jerseys are for away games. I don’t get to see many games, but when they are televised here in Utah and the ‘Skins are at Home, The last thing I and maybe every fan and even the players wants to see is the visiting team wearing their home colors in D.C.

    Hopefully the Washington Redskins management reads this and makes some changes.

  4. They are changing their home jerseys according to Zorn. There was an article in this blog I believe that said he wants to wear white at home while it is still hot in the DC area. Like last week against the Saints in the brutal heat. Once the crispness of fall comes around they will start wearing the Burgundy at home. Which I am definitely a fan of. These guys are really superstitious though, I remember a few years back they went on a winning streak and kept wearing the “white on white”.

  5. I would stick with whats winning. If white = winning then go for it. If white = losing , forget about it.

  6. Wahts with these happy faces on the grey area of these blogs?

  7. Here the happy face is at the bottom of this page …
    just wondering if I’m seeing things..
    Sorry to change subjects

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