On the Field for Practice – 9/18

  • Another spirited practice today. By my informal calculation, the defensive line won today’s one-on-one drills, with Lorenzo Alexander having a particularly effective performance. (As I noted yesterday, this is difficult to quantify, but they walked away with more of a bounce in their step and generally seemed to swagger like they’d come out ahead.)
  • Some excitement in the one-on-one drills between WRs and DBs, also. Antwaan Randle El put on the brakes so suddenly to get open against Shawn Springs that Springs slipped completely and went down. This, of course, led to much mockery from the other defensive backs on the sideline. Malcolm Kelly also made a great catch, sliding low to catch an awkwardly thrown Jason Campbell pass under Leigh Torrence.
  • And an impressive matchup between Santana Moss and practice squadder Byron Westbrook had Westbrook locking Santana down in coverage on a crossing pattern — covering him well enough that people on the sidelines were whistling and making those kind of impressed noises. Then, just as the ball was about to arrive, Santana shifted into another gear and made one of the quickest moves I’ve ever seen to flash in front of Westbrook and catch the ball. Moss got up from making the catch, called “Good placement!” to Jason Campbell, and turned to Westbrook to say “Brook, you had me covered.” It really was one of those otherworldly moves that wind up looking ordinary on TV, but in person it was remarkable.
  • London Fletcher missed practice to address some sort of family situation, so H.B. Blades lined up as middle linebacker.
  • Both James Thrash and Malcolm Kelly practiced today. According to Coach Zorn, Thrash is “coming along,” and Malcolm “was very protective of his ankle. He wants to go in a bad way.” He listed both informally as questionable.


4 Responses

  1. It looks like Santana is in for a big season. Good works Skins!!


  2. Matt, where is the behind the scenes report on uncle elroy (A.R.E) you promised.

  3. It’s coming. Some scheduling adjustments forced changes in the approach, but it’s coming.

  4. you should really write more this is good but i know theres more u saw

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