Chris Cooley is Popular, Part 2,432

In case you’re wondering how the media might react after someone inadvertently exposes a page quiz from the team’s playbook — and, not insignificantly, himself — on the internet, here’s Chris Cooley’s locker from open locker room today.

Obviously, Cooley is on the other side of the mob, and to his credit he did an excellent job with the awkward and ridiculous questions. (That’s “ridiculous” in the sense that hearing these questions at all in this context was ridiculous, not that they shouldn’t have been asked or were not relevant.) Bizarrely, the interview started with a question about last week’s game, taking Cooley and the assembled media by surprise. The whole cluster had a junior-high-school sex-ed class vibe of people dancing around the embarrassing words until Cooley brought the situation up and faced it directly, again apologizing, taking full responsibility, and reiterating that the whole thing was an accident.

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