Another Super Bowl Commercial Filmed in a Trailer – This Time Starring You

A few weeks ago, a trailer showed up at Redskins Park to film players for a potential Super Bowl commercial. I went along when Stephon Heyer filmed his entry, since I figured it was the sort of thing that fans might find interesting but wouldn’t get to see.

I was wrong about that last part, though. This Saturday, September 20th, Samsung (“The Official HDTV of the NFL!”) will be rolling an eerily similar trailer up to the Best Buy at Potomac Yard in Alexandria, VA to film THEIR Super Bowl ad, and theirs is for everyday fans to participate in. They want stories of your fan rituals or pregame insanity or whatever, and the best ones will be posted on for open voting.

I wouldn’t necessarily mention something like this in advance, but anything that helps get an ad on the air to replace that commercial with the guy in the burgundy shirt doing that bizarre post-touchdown dance (which I’ve complained about before but can’t find online) is a-okay by me. And, of course, I’d love to get some Redskins fans into the voting round, too.


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