Tuesday, September 16: Colt and the Congresswoman

It’s become fairly clear, even just by reading the comments here, that Colt Brennan established a bit of a following in Hawai’i – and, further, that those people have happily followed him to the Washington Redskins.

Hawai’i is just under 5,000 miles away from FedExField, at least as the crow flies, so through the sheer inexorable force of distance, most of Brennan’s fans are reduced to watching the Redskins on TV and hoping that the third string emergency quarterback gets some screentime.

That sort of obstacle doesn’t really apply to Congresswoman Mazie Hirono (D-HI), since her job — for fairly obvious reasons — has her working in the District. So when the Redskins opened their home schedule for the 2008 season this past Sunday, Congresswoman Hirono contacted the team and asked if it would be possible for her to meet the quarterback.

Photo courtesy of The Office of Congresswoman Hirono.

Photo courtesy of The Office of Congresswoman Hirono.

“I went to this Sunday’s exciting game between the Redskins and the Saints and had a chance to spend some time with Colt down on the field during the pre-game,” Congresswoman Hirono said in a statement. “I let him know that the entire state of Hawaii is behind him.”

Brennan was enthused about the meeting as well. “It was cool, man. It was a good experience,” he said. “She said she was going to be a big fan and try to come to the games. It was good to meet her.”

Like Brennan, Congresswoman Hirono studied at the University of Hawai’i, and like Brennan, she went to DC afterward, in her case to study at Georgetown Law. “We also talked about what [Brennan] missed about Hawaii—just being there,” she said. “But he really appreciates the experience of being on the team and how well he is being treated.”

Speaking of being treated well, I had to ask Brennan if he thought that it was at all unusual that the rookie third string emergency quarterback of a professional football team was meeting with his congresswoman before the game. “They always say that Hawai’i’s a small island and a private, kinda secret place,” he said, “so if you can establish yourself out there, anybody who’s from Hawai’i will know about you and respect you.”

Okay, sure. But the people from Hawai’i really seem to love you, you know? “I love Hawai’I just as much,” he said. “Really, it was just an honor for me to meet her.”

Photo courtesy of The Office of Congresswoman Hirono.

Photo courtesy of The Office of Congresswoman Hirono.

8 Responses

  1. Nice.

    And yes, Colt is my new “Babe Laufenberg.”

    But why is Colt wearing Stephon Heyer’s shorts?

  2. APEMAN!!!

  3. Hmmm looks like she’s trying to get some exposure for the upcoming elections..LOL!

    Actually Colt is popular in Hawaii…but don’t don’t worry he knows his place in washington…3rd string for now.
    I hope he sticks with Washington cause Zorn can teach him alot. He can also Learn from Campbell and Collins.

    Kinda cool seeing a 3rd stringer get some attention in DC. Nice article Matt.

  4. Aloha Matt! Yep, Colt will always be a rockstar here in Hawaii. He could even run for governer one day and win!

  5. Mazie knows how to score points with the people of Hawaii. Colt is a GOD in Hawaii. She even brought someone from her staff to take the pictures. Smart lady!

  6. Bowridah…haha

    I was going to chime in that COlt is PRINCE of the Hawaiian Islands, but man….GOD??!! Freking close!!!

    You should’ve seen him at the open practices at Redskins Park. Took him a good hour + to reach the locker after practices as he spent time signing autographs for his new fans in VA. Young, old, people love him.

    Even if he doesn’t play a down this year, if his name is on the Pro Bowl balllot, he’d be voted in a QB spot. Oh, and SELL OUT the Aloha stadium.

  7. A very nice article, much Mahalo Matt

    Colt is tremendously popular in Hawai’i, not just because of what he did on the football field, though that’s certainly part of it, but from what he did away from the field. His kindness, caring, and generosity for the fans and people of Hawai’i are very well known, as well as all the charity work he did, especially for kids.

    And even though he doesn’t play for UH anymore, I’m quite sure that you’d see a lot of #15’s walking around in Hawai’i still. We all love him and will back him 100%

    And from reading the article, Colt still has that ALOHA SPIRIT!! Best of luck to Colt and the Redskins!


  8. I fly in from Hawaii tomorrow morning and will be at the Skins’/Cards game. Lucky me, huh?

    I sure miss watching Colt in action, but I know that where he is on the team right now will only benefit him more down the road. I firmly believe that the Redskins got the best deal in the 2008 draft for a QB, & I also believe that he has too much talent to be a career backup.

    He literally sacrificed earning millions of dollars to play in his senior year at UH. His unselfishness and loyalty to UH and the people of Hawaii will never be forgotten, I will be a loyal “Cult of Colt” member throughout his career.

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