Chris Horton Wins NFC Defensive Player of the Week, Not as Lucrative as He Was Led to Believe

Photo by Ned Dishman.

Photo by Ned Dishman.

The NFL announced today that Redskins rookie safety Chris Horton won NFC Defensive Player of the Week for his performance against the Saints. Horton, starting unexpectedly in place of an ill Reed Doughty, had two interceptions and one fumble recovery, as well as four tackles (including a crucial third down stop).

It’s a deserved honor for the seventh-round draft choice, and one that he’ll no doubt be very proud of. But his excitement was likely somewhat blunted by a little prank by offensive lineman Randy Thomas.

Thomas, Horton’s postgame lockermate, happened to be coming through the public relations hallway in Redskins Park today just as the PR staff was trying to locate Horton to announce the award, and when he heard what was going on, he laughed out loud.

The story, apparently, is that Thomas is Horton’s postgame lockermate. Following the rookie’s impressive performance on Sunday, Thomas decided to tell him that if he got Defensive Player of the Week, it was a accompanied by a cash prize of a hundred thousand dollars.

“I said, ‘That’s a hundred thousand dollar check! After taxes, that’s like sixty-five thousand dollars!'” Thomas said. “He says, ‘You’re kidding me, man!’ And I say, ‘No, so-and-so got it last year and showed me the check.’

“So he says, ‘That would be nice, that’s more money than I’ve ever seen!'”

All of which was moot, since the PR staff hadn’t yet tracked down Horton. “He was just with me at that event,” Thomas said, referring to a charity function today at the DC Central Kitchen. “Give me a phone, I’ll call him.”

Which he did … and it quickly became clear that, with the call coming from an unfamiliar number, Horton had no idea who he was talking to. Thomas took advantage of the situation, quickly adopting the persona of an NFL employee.

“The issue is that we used to give out that hundred grand to the prize winner,” Thomas said, “but since you’re a rookie, you have to donate it to your special cause. So I’m just informing you – I know you’re looking forward to that, and a lot of guys do, but when you’re a rookie you don’t qualify, because there’s a donation bracket and you don’t have a credited season yet.”

Hanging up the phone, Thomas laughed again. “He said, ‘Oh, okay,’ but you could tell he had to catch himself.”

At this point, I asked Thomas if I could write about it or if he planned to keep the joke going a bit longer. He shook his head, turned to leave, and said, “Nah, I don’t care.” Then he stopped, thought about it, and added, “As long as it isn’t true. If he really does get paid, I’d be really annoyed.”

16 Responses

  1. excellent

  2. Thomas you ASS!

  3. Matt,

    I love you reporting, but this is another thing that should not be reported. There seems to be nothing that is off limits to reporters, bloggers, videos camera, etc.

    Again, I love the reporting that Matt Terl does, but where/when will the line be drawn.

  4. Can anyone tell me why they don’t show the replays on the big screen at Fed Ex when a play is under review?

  5. Actually, Chris Horton’s play will be very Lucrative…As he continues to play like he did on Sunday, it will be worth alot more than $100,000…

  6. Good for Horton. He deserves it. Great game.

  7. awesome job matt

  8. If Horton continues, he could become eligible for the “bonus” that the NFL hands out at the end of every season, Fabini got a big one last season for being a backup and then playing so much of the year. Exactly how the NFL decides who gets how much I haven’t been able to find out, but I know they do it. Matt, if you could get some details on that it would be good.

    Good for Horton and the Skins’ front office, even small validation is good.

  9. Uh, Skip. Why shouldn’t this be reported? I thought it was pretty funny.
    Good job to Horton, he definitely deserves this honor.

  10. skip – are you serious? why would you not want to know little things like this? people b*tched before because Matt wasn’t doing enough, and now he’s doing too much? gimme a break

  11. Skip, Some people, such as yourself, just have to gripe about something

  12. Yeah that was good for Horton man… I would hope he gets the nod to start anyway. We have never, and don’t think we will get that kinda production from Reed “oh my God” he miss another tackle doughty..! Gettin tired of seeing the back of his jersey everytime a pass is completed.. Foreal man! Never thought he was good enough to start, but of course the tragety of our man Taylor… Best safety in all the league. Obviously because they drafted not one but two safeties in the draft. Go Hort! Think him and landry make a better tandem. I even like Kareem Moore better than Doughty, I pray this will come to pass. And I know Zorn won’t be ashamed to do it, if this dude not productive on Sunday in Arizona. I’m a lil uncomfortable with this guy going against probly the best recieving tandem in the league.

  13. This is just the kind of thing I think we all want to hear. Congrats to Horton, job well done, award deserved! And when Horton pulls a practical joke on Randy Thomas to get even, I hope you will report that too Matt.


  15. Ryan – You should really consider getting a hobby, instead of writing retarded things about someone. Unless JT Tryon impregnated your wife/girlfriend you shouldn’t wish upon anyone an injury. Plus, you should learn how to spell they guy’s name right. You are definitely a LOSER!!!

  16. Skip, this is exactly the kind of stuff that makes people bigger fans of their team. When you find out you’re cheering for guys who are down to earth and joke around just like the rest of us, it just make me like them even more. This team has great character and that’s exactly what SHOULD get reported. If you’re looking for purely Xs and Os look somewhere else.

    Ryan, ok buddy. I agree with Ben, I won’t go so far as to call you a loser, but I don’t even know if Tryon has seen the field since the preseason, so I’m not sure where the over dramatic hate is coming from. If Tryon had, say, slept with you girlfriend, or killed your dog or something, sure I’d see it, but all’s been pretty quiet on the Tryon front. I think he made the team purely because he was a draft pick, but I’m not going to rail on the guy for it. It’s not his fault, and I’m actually hoping he gets better and contributes some.

    ….and yes, at least spell your hate mail correctly, it give it more impact.

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