Durant Brooks and the 24 Hour Rule

Durant Brooks looked, frankly, miserable. This specific brand of football unhappiness was not something I had given a lot of thought to, to be honest. I had imagined how it might feel to miss a game-winning kick or drop a game-winning pass in the moment, maybe immediately afterward, but never what it would be like the next day. Looking at Brooks sitting in the locker room on Monday, more or less left alone by the media pack, I got the distinct sense that it wasn’t a heck of a lot of fun.

“At Georgia Tech we had the 24 hour rule – you can think about your last game for 24 hours and then you’ve got to move on,” he said, and paused to look at his watch. “It’s been about 24 hours, but it’s tough.”

He did brighten minutely when I told him that Derrick Frost had reportedly sent a text message to a reporter telling the media to go easy on Brooks, but not all that much. “That’s cool,” he said.

I asked what the coaches had said to him after the game, and he gave the shrug of someone who already knew what he was going to be told before anyone had to say anything. “I’ve gotta come through. I’ve gotta have a better game – and, I mean, it can’t be much worse.” He shook his head. “I only had two punts, and I wish I could’ve had a few more to redeem myself, but that’s the way punting goes. You can have seven one game and two the next, and they’ve all gotta be good. You don’t get second chances.”

9 Responses

  1. Durant Brooks, you have at least one fan who believes in you! Go prove your worth to the rest of Redskin Nation next week. Sometimes, you just have a bad game, so carry a chip on your shoulder to prove yourself next time. We’re behind you.

  2. “Durant Brooks looked, frankly, miserable.”

    Yeah, but how did he look after the game?

  3. He’s on the roster still. That should give him some confidence. That means this Sunday he can wipe out last Sunday and start fresh.

    Who was the last killer punter in DC anyway? Steve Cox? I think that was his name. Used to boom punts and kick straight on. Kickers and punters have been like Spinal Tap drummers around DC since Chip Lohemiller (sure I spelled that wrong)

  4. The punting he can work on, screwing with the kicker is something he needs to fix immediately. Suisham looked a lot more comfortable with frost holding the ball.

  5. Meh, frost did just as bad overall with his fumble for a safety. Looks like week2 is a draw between the two.

  6. Gnome – The last killer punter in DC? Mike Bragg.

  7. What about Reggie Roby? skins had him for a spell.

  8. Did the Skins actually spend a draft choice to get him. What a joke! Last in the league and Vinny stands by him. His net average is under 30. High School punters have better averages.
    And Chris, he has had two bad games!

  9. Come ON people! Its 2 games. Shut up and let him prove himself.

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