Monday, September 15: A Much Lighter Mood

Mood around Redskins Park is much lighter today, as you’d expect after yesterday’s win. And with that mood in the air, I was genuinely curious to read the major Monday morning NFL recaps and see if the national writers had revised their opinions, what the general tenor of their commentary was, stuff like that.

Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback is built around the theory that this was a week of dramatic games in the NFL. The Redskins came from behind in the fourth quarter to win on a dramatic long touchdown, and King was an enormous Campbell booster in the preseason, so I figured that would be a good place to start.

Not so much.

The Skins/Saints doesn’t get a mention among the five games “where the wows deserved an exclamation point,” although the disappointingly dull Patriots/Jets game does. The Skins aren’t in the “Fine Fifteen,” where Arizona (2-0 over questionable competition) and 0-2 Jacksonville bring up the end of the list.

In fact, in five pages of the article, the Redskins game receives just one paragraph.

Defensive Player of the Week

Chris Horton, S, Washington. The seventh-round pick from UCLA, playing because of an injury to Redskins starter Reed Doughty, had two interceptions and recovered a fumble, accounting for three takeaways in Washington’s narrow win over the Saints. Washington doesn’t usually get much credit for its drafts, but Horton played the biggest role of any defender in helping repel the prolific Drew Brees at FedEx Field.

It’s a favorable one, sure, and a well-deserved honor for Horton, who played a hell of a game, but … still somewhat surprising.

Or maybe not. Maybe, rather than being surprised, I should look at this as instructive: it was a big win in DC, sure — just about everyone who’s emailed me after attending agrees that it was the loudest they’ve heard FedExField get — but it’s only a first step in hedging the skepticism around the team nationally.

Along similar lines, only in-house, it’ll be interesting to hear how Coach Zorn addresses the game in his press conference around noon today, and to see how he feels after cooling off for a night — if he’s just as effusive as he was yesterday or if he’ll take a different approach. Either way, it was certainly a big win in this town.

7 Responses

  1. i’m not surprised by the lack of love the skins are getting. the national media loves to sh*t on us when we aren’t doing well, then we get no mention of anything when we do well.

    it’s been that way for awhile, and i dont see it changing any time soon.

    let the haters keep hatin, and if we put up a victory against dallas and/or philly in those upcoming road games, then we’ll start to get a little love.

  2. After next week, Arizona will be off that list.

  3. I found it quite amusing watching the Fox pregame crew back pedal after the Skins won the game. At least J. Johnson gave Coach Zorn credit for great in-game adjustments.


  4. Hail, ya’ll.

    I have to admit I’ve always been mystified by the lack of attention/praise/whatever that the Redskins receive by the national media (it seems to me it’s always been this way; in order to even get a footnote, the Redskins have to either walk on water or drown miserably trying).

    On the other hand, I’m not too sure that tons of attention on a national stage would be a good thing right now. Flying under the radar is not such a bad place to be while you’re getting a new offense established.

    So, let ’em talk about Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Matt Cassell, the New York Giants blah, blah, blah. We’ll just stay back here and lose some and win some and learn and improve and become the great team we can be.

    We looked good yesterday because we are good. And the only two groups of people who need to know that: the Redskins and the team they’re playing.

    HTTR, baby.

  5. I went to all but 3 games while Gibbs was here and many since Fed ex opened and the loudest game was Dallas when we beat them to go to the playoffs in 04 The game Randy broke his leg

  6. Not me… I’d much rather fly under everybody’s radar… laugh in giddy merriment when we reach the postseason and everybody has to backpeddle. Or even for a week it was just nice to say, Gee, that Horton guy is pretty good, huh? Who knew!

    Players flash and you can sometimes tell when guys have game and others don’t. I thought it would only be a matter of time before Horton showed what he could do. But game two? Are you kidding me? Sometimes the universe takes a hand in things… sometimes our moments are just meant to be.

    I love watching this kid flash around the ball. He should play all the time now, just to remind the others that it’s really okay to take away the ball and keep it. You have every reason to turn around a game.

    Our defense was on fire yesterday and I hope it continues. But even if it’s only one week of joy, I’m glad for the little things. I’m glad that Taylor got a sack and FedEx exploded in cheers for Moss and Campbell showed ’em all he’s got the stuff. A comeback victory — wow.

    Now beat Arizona and maybe we really do have some magic. It’s a long season though, so let’s just take ’em one game at a time.

    Way to win a big game, men…

  7. We’ve got a ways to go to get thrown in the mix by the media amond the “hot 15”, but I think we all can see the beginnings of it right here. A few years from now hopefully we can read all these positive “trendy” media reports and remembered it started here.

    Man, I love the way Zorn coaches! Go Coach Zorn, Campbell, and the Redskins!

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