Monday Redskins Links – 9/15

The old, self-Zupporting Z Shade.

The old, Zelf-Zupporting Z Shade at training camp.


3 Responses

  1. The Chargers should have walked off the field, after that Horrendous Call in Denver…if this happened to the Patriots, thats exactly what Belichek would have done…imagine if that was the Super Bowl, would that call have been allowed…THe NFL is a SHAM…

  2. THE NFL IS TRUELY A SHAM !!!!!!!!…Did you see the Pass Interference call on the Cowboys Defender when it was the Eagles Receiver who grabbed his jersey…and i don’t even like the Cowboys…but I don’t like Blatant Bad Calls even more…

  3. The Brothers Mottram are Completely Corrupted, lacking all Decency and Worth. Who are they you might ask. I was reading News on the NFL and I ran across this “Filth”; Literaly Foul language directed at The Redskins Own Colt Brennan; I could not believe what I was reading…calling him foul names because he was casually dressed in sweats and a T-shirt on his own time…My first thought was who are they to be calling anyone names…Then I thought, They Just Demoralized Themselves By Talking In Such a Manner…Its like a Super Ball, It comes Right Back At Them…

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