Day After The Game: Zorn Press Conference – 9/15

Coach Zorn just spoke, hoarser than usual and, strangely, less animated after a win than he has been after the tough losses. He did mention spending a couple of hours enjoying the win, which has to be draining. Anyhow, still honest, but mostly about positive things this time.

  • In fact, Zorn addressed the question of his honesty and candor with … well, with candor, after being asked if he was every afraid of revealing too much. “I just want to be honest about our play and our players. I don’t know that we have too much to hide from that standpoint.”
  • Much of the press conference centered on Jason Campbell’s development, and — as you’d expect — much of that was favorable, the basic thesis being that Campbell is “just improving.” A few more specifics:
    • “He’s been very good in the pocket securing the ball, good decisions on some throwaways that have been excellent.”
    • While he wouldn’t compare Campbell’s development to Hasselbeck’s when he was with the Seahawks, he acknowledged, “They’re big strides. The thing that makes a great quarterback in to develop those strides in such a way that they don’t back up.”
    • On the long touchdown to Moss, he was extremely enthusiastic: “Jason audibled the protection and did a really nice job,” he said, calling it a “teaching tape” on how to avoid in the pocket. “He threw it off-balance 61 yards in the air. That doesn’t happen a lot in the NFL.”
    • And on the crucial Cooley first down, he threw absolutely all the credit to Campbell. “Jason made the complete play. I called a different play, he adapted the concept to the different players. That was all Jason Campbell.”
  • Apparently, that last incident nearly led to another wonderful moment in the ongoing telephonic saga between Zorn and Campbell. “I’m saying, ‘What are we doing?’ I’m mashing the button [on the helmet radio] saying, ‘What’d you call?!?’ But they cut you off after fifteen seconds.”
  • It wasn’t all sunshine and roses, of course. “We left some things on the field that I was HOT about,” he said. Apparently, they had to take timeout twice for having twelve guys on the field, and burning the timeouts forced Zorn to change playcalls that he was feeling confident about in those precise scenarios.
  • Zorn also acknowledged that they’re considering making a change at punt returner, mentioning Santana Moss and James Thrash as possibilities, although also emphasizing that Antwaan Randle El “isn’t just some [guy] back there.”
  • He expects Reed Doughty to reclaim the starting safety position. “I don’t know if [Chris Horton] is ready yet,” he said. “There’ll be much more complicated situations for him to perform in before we’d call him the starter.”
  • And the injury updates:
    • James Thrash is in a walking boot with a high ankle sprain
    • Fred Smoot left the game with a minor groin injury
    • Reed Doughty, of course, was sick, but should be fine going forward
    • Malcolm Kelly suffered an ankle sprain
    • and Zorn expects Marcus Washington to be ready to go this week.

22 Responses

  1. Interesting. Did he say anything about the punting/holder situation?

  2. Just that they’re expecting Durant Brooks to improve. Nothing too revelatory.

  3. why does smoot always get hurt? frustrating as hell.

  4. Yeah, we’re all expecting Brooks to improve.

  5. What was Vinnie thinking drafting a punter anyway?

  6. How bad is Kelly’s ankle? Seems like JC loves this guy, it would be nice to have him on the field.

  7. How bad is Kelly’s ankle sprain?

    Any update on Jason Taylor’s knee, especially how it feels today after giving him a scare yesterday?

  8. I haven’t gotten any details on Kelly’s sprain yet.

    And while I haven’t heard anything about Jason Taylor, I’ve seen him walking around the Park today and he looks absolutely fine.

  9. Great post, Matt. You’ve validated some thoughts I’ve been having, as well as the subject of my upcoming post on Die Hard Redskins Fan.

  10. Do you know how bad Kelly’s sprain is now?

    If it’s minor, he should be able to ice it and rest, and be able to play next week. He looked so good when he made that first reception. I really hope he can play the first half next week and show us what he can do.

    I don’t understand why Zorn is still gonna start Doughty. Didn’t he see the “Hat Trick” in the game, plus the Hall of Fame game? Horton can definitely play. Start him!

  11. Oh, what does Zorn mean by this?

    He expects Reed Doughty to reclaim the starting safety position. “I don’t know if [Chris Horton] is ready yet,” he said. “There’ll be much more complicated situations for him to perform in before we’d call him the starter.

    What kind of complicated situations? Isn’t grabbing two interceptions off tipped balls complicated enough?

  12. Brooks better improve… the DC United goal keeper would have done better than that!

  13. The safety is responsible for adjusting the positioning of the defensive backfield and other assorted presnap adjustments that apparently require a certain level of experience.

  14. So, this whole Cooley business. Do the ‘Skins have an official opinion on that? For those who haven’t heard.

  15. Wow, did the Skins win yesterday?

  16. Oh, and when is the Zorn conference gonna go up on

  17. Why would the skins address the Cooley blog photo, it wasn’t on their website.

    And please, please, please,people keep perspective, Horton had ONE GREAT game, just like last week was ONE bad game, neither means it will stay that way in EVERY game.

    And I have been preaching on Horton since early in training camp, but come on, Doughty has not played badly, and Horton has a lot of learning to do.

  18. Whew…its about time, Campbell showed up yesterday. Portis looked great!!! Mosss….Mr Big Play!! Lets pray that Campbell shows up next week as well!!

  19. Now I remember why I liked Campbell last year.
    He could sustain drives..which is good, but he would make key mistakes or fizzle at the end.

    Now with Zorn, Campbell should do great.!

  20. Noticed the same thing about King’s article this AM. That’s fine. Good thing to be under the radar and keep expectations realistic. To that point – I posted this yesterday but under 3rd quarter thoughts by mistake. Want it to fess up to the whole crew . . . the repost:


    El Gnome = El Moron.

    They stuffed all my negative comments back in my mug.

    Congrats Coach Z on your first win. Man, I didn’t see this performance coming today. Obviously. This looked like a performance to build on. One week at a time but whooo-hooo they looked good.

    And Durant, hang in there, Bro.

  21. Good job Gnome, way to be a man.

  22. JImmy!!! Way to go, we are soooo F’n happpy for you and yours. Mom said: Tell JIm if he needs me to make him a new Tie, I will. Good luck, God Bless.

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