Sunday, September 14: Gameday, Redskins v. Saints

The story today has to be the heat. It’s a bad day to be wearing a non-breathable shirt — or, for example, full pads and a football helmet. I don’t have an official field temperature yet, but I’m conservatively estimating it at eleven million degrees Fahrenheit.

Redskins inactive list today features some interesting names. The complete list:

  • S Reed Doughty (out with a stomach virus)
  • S Kareem Moore
  • LB Khary Campbell
  • LB Marcus Washington
  • OL Jason Fabini
  • OL Chad Rinehart
  • DE Rob Jackson
  • QB Colt Brennan – emergency third QB

One notable name NOT on that list is Malcolm Kelly, so we should get to see the rookie go.


3 Responses

  1. With Doughty out, Horton takes over? Somehow I think they’re gonna be throwing to the right side of the field all day long.

  2. I guess Chris Horton and Justin Hamilton will see a lot more time on the field with Moore down as well as Doughty. Awesome that we finally get a shot to see Kelly, that kid could be a real difference maker.

    Sure hope we don’t have any injuries on the O-Line as well as at line backer, depth an issue.

  3. Can’t Believe we got the Giants vs Rams in Hawaii…Stupid…

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