Redskins v. Saints – Third Quarter Thoughts

  • The Saints start the half with a relentless drive that featured two third down conversions and looked less like what we saw in the first half today and more like what we saw on the first drive last week. I’m not a big fan of poorly-supported dramatic pronouncements, but it would be hugely helpful if the offense responded in kind here.
  • I suppose answering an eleven play, 80 yard, five minute touchdown drive with a ten play, 83 yard touchdown drive that came just short of five minutes would be the clinical, exact definition of “responding in kind”. The team was even helped along by the Saints shooting themselves in the foot with a stupid penalty on a third down attempt that would’ve failed otherwise, making the similarities even eerier.
  • That touchdown run by Clinton Portis was terrific running, helped along by some excellent blocking. If he’s going to run like that, I don’t think anyone would care if he made controversial statements in the press every week.
  • I have never seen Shaun Suisham handle kickoffs this well — three touchbacks today in five attempts in what always seemed like the weakest part of his game. That’s very nice to see.
  • Reggie Bush just ran about 27 yards laterally for a two yard game. Nice work by the linebackers and secondary to stay in front of him. Especially rewarding for LaRon Landry, who kept with him through a stiffarm to make the tackle — much, much better than his run-defending highlight from last week.
  • The Saints throw a short pass that Reggie Bush takes for nine yards, which would have been impressive and demoralizing except that it was third and seventeen. It may be catty of me, but it’s really nice to see the other team have that problem. It would be nicer if the Skins had actually DONE anything with the opportunity, but
  • Rough game for Durant Brooks. First the mishandled snap, now a short punt that Reggie Bush takes back for the touchdown. Not a good showing for the rookie today, especially not with Derrick Frost currently averaging 46.7 yards on three punts for Green Bay in Detroit.

2 Responses

  1. Whoooo-Hoooo!!!!

    El Gnome = El Moron.

    They stuffed all my negative comments back in my mug.

    Congrats Coach Z on your first win. Man, I didn’t see this performance coming today. Obviously. This looked like a performance to build on. One week at a time but whooo-hooo they looked good.

    And Durant, hang in there, Bro.

  2. Let’s not forget that Frost pretended to be Mr. Alligator arms and let the high (but very catchable) snap sail through the endzone for a safety.

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