Redskins v. Saints – Second Quarter Thoughts

  • Nice job by Campbell on the first play from scrimmage to move away from the rush and find Chris Cooley. The crowd, predictably, is thrilled to shout COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLEY.
  • Another red zone trip, another field goal. Here’s the negative spin on the stats: two takeaways, two red zone trips, no touchdowns, the sky is falling. Here’s the positive: two takeaways led directly to six points, and they’ve scored every time they’ve gotten into the red zone; everything is spectacular. The reality, of course, is probably somewhere in between.
  • Jason Taylor appears to be feeling a bit better. He’s been using his speed to help bottle up Reggie Bush, and he just blew past his man to sack Drew Brees for a twelve yard loss. I cannot hear the TV announcers, but I’d be willing to bet a substantial amount of money that Dancing With The Stars was just alluded to, probably in pun-based form.
  • Annnnnd the Skins just can’t seem to shake this jinxy habit of shooting themselves in the foot, as Antwaan Randle El has the ball jarred loose. The drive ends in a touchdown for the Saints — exciting for everyone who’s starting Pierre Thomas in their fantasy leagues, I suppose — and the Skins trail by one. I guess that’s a little bit of support for the negative spin above, I guess.
  • After an impressively tough drive, one prolonged by a penalty on the Saints, the Redskins prepare to settle for a field goal again only to miss after Durant Brooks mishandles the snap. The contigent of fans that supported Derrick Frost during the preseason position battle must be sharpening their knives even as I type.
  • Chris Cooley makes the most compelling argument for why he should be seeing the ball more by breaking four separate tackles during a 27 yard run-and-catch. Guess a collage from GQ magazine really does work as The Edge section of his playbook.
  • Going into the final minute of the quarter and the Saints hurry-up drive, the Redskins defense had given up three rushing yards and 65 total yards, but the team leads by only two. It’s statistics like that that lead directly to coaches saying things like “We’ve got to cut out these mistakes,” and, “Stupid penalties really killed us.” And AFTER that Saints drive, the Redskins trail by one, making the whole thing sound even worse. Let’s see if they can correct a few things at halftime.

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  1. take cambell out he is a bum and always will be

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