Redskins v. Saints postgame – Radio Zorn

I’ve written a lot about Coach Zorn’s candor in his postgame interviews, but we’ve never actually gotten to see it in a victory that counts, just preseason wins and the loss of the opener. And it’s hard for a generally humble guy to be candid about a victory. So he did pretty much what you’d expect: looked like he wanted to burst out laughing with enthusiasm, and then shared credit all the way around, at one point stopping the press conference to talk extemporaneously about the plays and players that he had been most impressed with and what he considered “so incredible to watch.”

Maybe the most amusing revelation from Zorn’s talk was that he has a tendency to somewhat overuse the headset. “During a couple of the timeouts, I said, ‘Here’s what we’ve got,’ and called the play,” he said. “Then I’d call back and say, ‘Okay, remember, you got this.’ And then, ‘Okay, I’m being a nervous Nellie’ – which was the term I used – ‘but I also wanted to tell you, don’t forget this.’ I found myself a couple of times just laying it on.”

So I caught up with Jason Campbell and asked him about it. Actually, what I asked him was, “Was it like the scene in Swingers where Jon Favreau keeps calling and leaving messages?”

“Yeah,” Campbell said, “he kept saying ‘Sorry to bother you, but I’ll just leave one more message.'” He shook his head. “Nah, I was laughing — for some of them, he’d say, ‘Sorry, I just have to come back and tell you one more thing. For some of them, I’m just shaking my head, saying, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah….'”

Probably the first time you’ve heard the phrase “nervous Nellie” over the helmet radio, right? “Oh, yeah,” Campbell said. “Definitely.”


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  1. That’s awesome. Great coverage Matt, it’s good to get some of the feel of behind the scenes stuff.

  2. Coach Z just bought himself a week of not having to listen to the haters. Maybe one day he’ll shut them up permanently, but for now its just another week where he didn’t screw up to them.

  3. The Chargers should have walked off the field, and refused to play one more down, after that Robbery by the Officials at Mile High…

  4. Zorn’s gonna be a Great Coach! He already is one of the Best QB Coaches in the NFL.

  5. Congratulations to EVERYONE!!!

  6. Thanks Matt.

    Great improvement for Jason & D line & O line. Happy to see that. HTTR

  7. Zorn is turning us old time Seahawks fans into Redskins believers. He is a man of great character and I may have to go out and buy some burgandy and gold !!!

  8. HTTR! This game started like the last one, but Jason really surprised me and came through when it was needed. Congrats to the entire team and coaching staff! You all really did a fine job.

    Now… keep it up, the next few games are going to be really tough.

    Again, HTTR now and forever

  9. After watching yesterdays game and putting it under the microscope even after the excitement of what I call “chimney scud 89 bravo” cause that bomb was dropped right down the hatch! Even after all of this I would like to give JC a big pat on the back for what I consider to be his biggest moves forward in Burgundy and Gold (A.)I could see the fight and determination in his eyes and he looked collected in the fourth quarter. (B.)If I am not mistaken that is his first game winning TD pass. And this first 4th quarter comeback and win the game with everything on the line not think and throw a no pick game. (C.)I could see the determinination and drive to win in his eyes. (D.)He felt the pressure and got the hell out of dodge! Now one thing that they he must do more of to put this team over the top is get the ball more to his all world tight end Chris Cooley! Like he did in yesterday’s game the rest will open up. Chris Cooley is an open field Nightmare! And if we can get him the ball in the middle of the field 6-7 times a game then watch out because you then have to respect Portis you then have to respect Moss and so on. Another thing I noticed was that JZ gave JC a game plan more suited to his capabilities fewer 3 step drops and more 5-7 step drops to get our lumbering QB more time to deliver the football. When we do more of these total offensive things then our offense as a whole will be unstoppable and there is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to do this week in and week out in the NFL with all of the weapons we have at our disposal. And I know they are not ready yet but whenever Fred Davis Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas come around then the let the fireworks begin. And Kelly must have done something special to end up out on the field as early as he did in yesterday’s game. Even if it was only for a few plays. The only thing I didn’t like from yesterdays game was the Poor showing in the rezone which baffled how we came away with either no 6 point play and on 2 occasions no 3 point play! that will not suffice in the long run we need jump balls and we need a potent rezone offense because 60 yard drives aunt gon do it if were starting at our own 20! and we have not had a Mark Mosley/ Chip Lowmiller type of kicker in umm since Chip Lowmiller and Mark Mosley! so we do not want to be putting the game on the Leg of our kicker threw out the season with that being said go out and win by 10-14 and problem solved the only time we should want to see the kicker after the 3rd quarter is with 4 seconds on the clock in the 4th quarter to win or tie or a game winning attempt in OT! and that’s really the only time I care to see our kicker other then the PAT! Now all we need is a side order of consistency and we can do some things. and I need to add that Chris Horton is a stone beast and goodbye Reed Daughty! go a head and grab you some cold bench and get my man Horton in there because any rook who can smell the ball that well is cool with me its like Sean Taylor is some ware saying here you go guys this guy will do in my absence and he is a gamer which will always impress any coach I mean this guy didn’t know he would start until Sunday morning! and granted no other team has seen any film on the kid but his play was outstanding and should earn him a spot on the filed for at least another week well that’s all for today the skins grew so I am not going to slam all the bad that saw out there so I am going to leave it at this Antwan Randle El your butter fingers nearly put the game out of reach and this is supposed to be your specialty and since you have been in Washington I have not seen a return longer then 20 yards…..what gives bro?

  10. But other then that Hail to the Redskins!! and a big Congrats!! keep em comin fellas

  11. Did Zorn address the abysmal kicking?

  12. Love it and LOVE Coach Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I didn’t hear him talking about it last night, but today he reiterated that they’re confident that Durant Brooks is going to improve.

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