Redskins v. Saints – Fourth Quarter Thoughts

  • On the crucial first third down of the fourth quarter, the Redskins are forced to throw a short pass to Ladell Betts that gets eight of the required twelve yards. I suppose that would be my final karmic reward for gloating when the Saints did pretty much the same thing in the last quarter. At least, I hope that’s final.
  • Everybody who was getting ready to annihilate Durant Brooks (or the decision to keep him) based on Frost’s performance in Green Bay just lost a little ammunition — Frost just fumbled in the end zone to give up a safety in Green Bay. Not quite the minus-ten points that Brooks is somewhat responsible for in this game, but nothing I would think anyone is really eager to hold up as an ideal, either.
  • The Redskins scoring drive leading up to that Clinton Portis touchdown was terrific. After taking a sack on the first play, Campbell went five for five and looked pretty much like he has in his good days of practice, and Portis finished it off. That second Portis touchdown moves him to fourth all time in Redskins history with 36 rushing TDs, passing Larry Brown.
  • One thing I heard a few times after last week was that if Marcus Washington had been able to make that tackle a split-second quicker on third down of the first Giants drive, the one where Jacobs got the first down by a foot, the Giants don’t score that first touchdown and the whole game is different. It’s a pointless observation, of course, since it didn’t happen — but it’s what occurred to me as the Redskins stopped the Saints on third down to get the ball back with the chance to take the lead.
  • A chance that took them nine seconds — Jason Campbell is having a hell of a game today, and I’m pretty sure he made some sort of adjustment at the line on that touchdown pass to Moss. You don’t want to overstate these things, and I’m in NO way comparing the significance, but that long toss to Santana sure did bring up some memories of a couple of plays in one of the best wins of recent Redskins history, didn’t it?
  • Chris Horton, the rookie safety, has three tackles, two interceptions, and a fumble recovery on the day. That’s some nice depth to have on the bench.
  • Going for it on fourth and two minutes was a gutsy, great call, I think — a missed field goal puts the Saints too close in, your punter is having a catastrophically rough outing, and they need a touchdown either way — but it was made all the moreso by calling a pass. That slant to Moss was a thing of absolute beauty, and a great way to ice the game.

22 Responses

  1. I’ll be the first to eat some humble pie. JC, you were outstanding!!!!!!! congratulation’s coach Z on your first win!!!!!!!! KEEP IT UP JC! And Ben, way to keep the faith!

  2. How many people who doubted J.C. last week, are doubting him now?

  3. JC can play this game, and play it well. He’s going to have his ups and downs as this offense progresses this year, but if we give him a chance and let the offense grow he can be great. Great Job Jason!

    As a side note shame to Redskins Radio that criticized every ball JC threw this game until the fourth quarter. No QB is perfect, and it’s time you stopped presenting his play to the fans like he’s supposed to be Joe Montana. I actually turned you all off today, for the first time in years, to listen to Billick and Baldinger for pete’s sake.

    Jason Campbell has the tools and the drive to be among the best. Jim Zorn has the tools, the knowledge and the capability to get him there. It’s going to take time, and we have to be ready to back them and the Redskins this year through thick and thin.

    Hail to the Redskins!

  4. Anything on Jason Taylor knee? Did he re-hurt it? I got in a text update that said Taylor leaves with hurt knee. I am in Ohio, so I cant get it on the television. Hope not.

    Congrats Redskins on their first win! Just wonderful!

  5. we played good this week so now were awesome. We lost last week and were going 0-16. I hate getting on this and having to argue that were a good football team, to people that are sopposed to be redskins fans.

  6. Nick- are you talking about last week, people doubting this team? Because right now, there is all but prase. I can understand how last week people were frustrated, but you have to look at 1 very big thing. The giants are super bowl champs. They had ALL the momuntum going on their side. Their fans were rallied, they had their super bowl trophy there, they were ready to play. We came out a little slow, and you cant do that with a super bowl winning team.

    I know we are a good team. I know we can do great things. It was the first game of the season. Now, with the second game over and done, we are starting to show what kind of team we really are, and that is good.

    Congrats Redskins, congrats Zorn on his first win with them, congrats JC on a great game.

  7. jt- yeah i was just mad about everyones comments on here, when people were ready to give up after the first game. Talk about throwing colt in over jc after one game against a very good team their first game after the super bowl. it just gets my blood boiling because i know this is a great team with a lot of potential and to bash everyone after one game is rediculous

  8. JT Fan-55 – taylor looked like he aggravated the knee a bit, but he came back out on the next series and looked fine.

    our d-line looked outstanding today, and even when we were sacking Brees, we were making it uncomfortable for him.

    now if we can just get Smoot to cover his man consistently. Shawn Springs makes a huge difference out there in the secondary.

  9. Congrats!!!! to Jim Zorn and the redskins and hey Ben you were right you made me a believer Jason Campbell looked like a Beast!!!! out there now he is getting comfortable with the offense. Also Kudos!!! to the Defense they played some good “D” shutting down Drew Breeze,and big ups to rookie Chris Horten#48 great game. I think he will be the starter from now on What! do you guys think. That was a good all around game from everybody. NICE WIN SKINS!!!!…. ALOHA!!.

  10. Nick- I get what your saying, people just need to stick with them, through the good games, and the bad ones. Today, was a GREAT game!

    Ben- thanks for that. I am feeling much better now.

    Again, Nice win Skins. This will shut the haters up.

  11. How about a shout out to all of the coaches that
    put in such grueling hours to study the opponent, breakdown the film, put together play books, meet, meet, meet —-to help the players understand and execute… OUTSTANDING JOB THIS WEEK TO BOTH THE OFFENSIVE AND DEFENSIVE COACHING STAFF!

  12. It was great to see the offense and defense play so well. Both sides of the ball seemed to come together today and beat a team we probably were not supposed to.

    All we need now is a special teams coach. They look like they may lose us a game this year.

  13. I’ve been all about giving Reed Doughty a chance because I think he did an admirable job last year after the loss of Sean Taylor; however, I’m so on the Chris Horton bandwagon it’s ridiculous. I noticed this kid had something special in training camp and he proved it over and over again tonight. I say put him in started as SS and let’s get this going. Great game tonight! HTTR!!!!!

  14. Hey-DB special teams coaches are only as good as their talent. Brooks is now 32nd in the league. Can’t go much lower. When will the Skins decide that he is a bust.

  15. Does nobody learn anything around here? Brooks starts out slow (last week he actually kicked the ball very well, the numbers just don’t show it, so ONE BAD GAME) and he’s a bust? One good game and Horton’s the next Ed Reed (mind you that I have been lauding Horton since I saw him in camp, before the HOF game)? Come on people! Last week Zorn was “in over his head” and “JC sucks”, slow down, and let these guys play it out. I’ve been writing this for weeks, just stop overreacting and learn a thing or two as these guys all grow into the players they will be.

    Great job Zorn and the Skins!

  16. All you na sayers about JC I knew he would be great just give him time GO JC im with ya. I thought we played great as a team Cliton ran hard and santana was awsome. Defence played a great game and Zorn did well too. IM glad Jim got his first win this season. Lets get a win on the Cardinals and get more momenum going into Dallas. GO REDSKINS

  17. mountainman,

    the skins will probably decide whether brooks is a bust after more than two freaking games, you yutz.

  18. That defence was AWSOME!!!! GOSKINS

  19. Thats the way you play FOOTBALL
    Portis ran like a machine
    Defence AWSOME
    Chris Horton geat job
    Jason Campbell keep it up
    Chris Cooley is Chris Cooley super
    Santana Moss Awsome
    Laron Landry is a Rocket

  20. Wow, I have to admit I was one of the people wanting to take Campbell out. Now, I’m eatin my words. Good job! HTTR!

  21. Fickle fans! One bad game and the whole team and all the coaches suck! One good game and now they’re all Gods! I’ve loved the Redskins for over 35 years, and believe me, I know sometimes it’s hard to be a Redskins fan, but I’ve never given up on them and never will. They looked great yesterday (with the exception of the punting, but he’s a rookie, he will get better). Let’s just play one game at a time and win it. And 1 + 1 + 1 +1 …. will add up to a good season.

    Great job guys, keep it up, the fans are 100% behind you. Congrats Coach Zorn, you “nervous Nellie.”

  22. Fergie- you gotta understand upset fans. Are they loyal? Yes. Are they frustrated if their team just lost yes. They are not going to change their loyality if they lose, they just want somewhere to vent if that is the case. They still love the redskins 100%. I understand what your saying though.

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