The Future of Drink Insulating Technology

Everyone who attends this Sunday’s Redskins game will receive a free drink koozie courtesy of Bank of America, modeled here by Todd Yoder.

This may not sound like news, but this particular drink koozie (and may I pause to say what a strange word “koozie” is) represents the very cutting edge of keeping-your-drink-at-temperature technology. The more traditional drink insulator is shaped more or less like a cup and is designed to slide over the outside of your frosty beverage. This was a tedious process, and even more complicated in the removal phase.

This particular koozie, however, unrolls into a convenient two-dimensional rectangle for easier storage and transport, with two plastic strips inside keeping it inflexible — the same basic technology behind the slap bracelet.

And if you don’t enjoy wrapping your frosty beverages with cylinders of neoprene, you can use it as oversized armwear. (Todd categorically refused to model the koozie-as-bracelet look. I can’t imagine why.)


One Response

  1. That’s what it’s called — a koozie? Now I know why I’m addicted to blogs…

    Well, this blog anyway. Quick: e=mc2. Nope, I still remember it’s a koozie.

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