On the Field for Practice – 9/12

Practice today under cloudy skies and a constant threat of rain , but at least it was cool out.

  • Before practice today, Coach Zorn was warming up the quarterbacks by making them run deep routes and passing them the ball. “It seems like he pulls that out on Fridays,” said Todd Collins. “He throws that lefty ball so it comes in the opposite way of the way you usually catch the ball. Coach threw a deep one down the sideline today and I was gonna put on the afterburners, you know? I almost caught up to it.” A grinning Jason Campbell added, “He still throws a catchable ball. You know, it’s a way for us to get loose, have a little fun, and for him to show off his arm. I think he enjoys it more than we do.”
  • Shawn Springs dug down and picked off a pass over the middle, prompting someone from the sidelines to shout, “That drill paid off yesterday!”
  • Another good day for Reed Doughty. He broke up the corner route in the endzone that I had thought was giving him problems in preseason. And he showed both good moves and good hands to twist, reach out, and pluck an interception away from Fred Davis coming across the middle. If his week’s practice translates to gameday, Doughty should be in good shape.
  • On the last play for the starting offense, Jason Campbell scrambled away from pressure and put the ball right on Todd Yoder coming across the field. It was precisely the sort of play that people on talk radio have been shouting all week for him to make. Coach Zorn had some good words for Campbell’s week of practice, saying that he was “very upbeat, he concentrated very well, he threw the ball very well, he continued to improve his decision-making,” and also mentioning that Campbell had been picking up the tempo.
  • Marcus Washington stopped to talk to the media on his way off the field and update them about his condition (“still going to be a gametime decision”), which set Coach Zorn up to start HIS talk to the media by asking them how Marcus was doing, a mildly amusing reversal of the usual start to Zorn’s post-practice talks.
  • Other injury updates from Coach Zorn: Malcolm Kelly is “on his way,” but Zorn seemed skeptical that he would actually get on the field this week (although he noted that he would certainly like to keep five receivers active). He fully expects Chris Cooley to play, and seemed to doubt that Khary Campbell would be available. Kareem Moore was back at practice today.


11 Responses

  1. I’m a die hard Redskin fan, and this is my first time leaving a message to u. I think you do an outstanding job of getting us fans closer to wants goin on on the practice field…… The on the field practice , is by far my favorite topic i look for everyday.

    Keep up the good work

  2. Matt, try to get some kind of info on why Zorn seems so willing to leave Kelly inactive. Seems kinda strange, maybe he’s trying put more pressure on Thomas to move ahead more quickly without Kelly taking time away from him?

  3. It’s the numbers game, apparently. Zorn’s been emphasizing how only dressing 45 players causes him to leave some startable guys inactive.

  4. Matt,
    You do one hell of a job with reporting the “behind the scenes/we would never know” news to us DiHard fans. Just thought you should know, I am one of many who appreciate your work! Thank You

  5. Matt,

    Love this blog!!

    Especially liked the impromptu interview with Brian Billick. Always enjoy reading the perspective of a former coach in the league.

    Keep up the good work!!

  6. Great blog Matt. I feel like I can come here and get the REAL story. Thanks.

  7. It’s true man.

    I post off and on, but I read the blog everyday, especially the practice tidbits. Those are the things I’ve wanted from other blogs. Those, and the stories that show the teams character, are my favorite posts.

    Great job!

  8. Here’s a perfect example of where you’re doing an excellent job suceeding at this:

    “For what this is worth, Reid reports that Brian Billick is at Redskins Park today.”
    – Washington Post, Redskins Insider (Blog)

    Here, we get a good interview, learning the opinion of an former offensive coordinator and head coach on our offense, and a pretty good interview on points that relate to our team. That’s just one more reason why this is a better blog than the others I’ve followed.

    Thanks again.

  9. Redskin Insider is probably my least favorite blog.

    I do go there to read what negatives they like to talk about, but I find that I am more pissed off after reading the material on that web page.

    I find after reading here I feel differently about what RI had to say. Keep up the great work.

  10. A snarky reminder for information on Alfred Fincher. I know it’s not top burner, but I’ll keep buggin’ like a fly in the ointment…

  11. Love the blog.

    Question tho….who threw the interceptions today at practice? You tell us when Colt does…….

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