On the Field for Practice – 9/11

  • The main topic of the day seemed to be Carlos Rogers’s hands — a subject that’s been under plenty of discussion lately anyhow. The first hint I got of this was when Fred Smoot and Rogers started playing catch on the sidelines toward the start of practice. It was one of those sessions of catch where the guys are just winging it at each other, clearly throwing as hard as they can — or, as Rogers described it to me later, “I was tearing his hands up throwing the fire. He just couldn’t handle it.”

    Next Rogers stood in on a set of quarterback drills while the rest of the team was in special teams practice, and again he acquitted himself well.

    And practice ended with the entire defensive backfield catching fastballs from the three QBs, one of the equipment guys, and Coach Zorn while coming out of turns. “They don’t want to drop anything in front of their peers, Zorn said, adding that unlike using a throwing machine, “you really had guys cranking it up out there — except for me.” Rogers was the first up in the drills, and caught everything. So did the guys after him, which really cranked up the tension on who would be the first one to drop one … so of course it turned out to be Fred Smoot, missing two out of five on his first try, and another one when he tried again immediately afterward. He came back again after the last defensive back had performed, and this time he was successful, pleasing his coach. “He loves to win,” Zorn said, “and he gets mad, but he didn’t walk away.”

  • Malcolm Kelly looked good again in one on one drills, doing exactly what everyone hoped he would when he was drafted: going up and getting tall to pull in a ball on the sidelines. Coach Zorn also took the time to praise Campbell’s throw on that one, and sounded extremely genuine when he said it.
  • Reed Doughty made a few excellent plays — a great move to knock down the ball on a goal line play (which left Zorn disappointed that he didn’t intercept it, shouting “Finish the drive, Reed!”), followed two plays later by a nice hit to dislodge the ball from the RB, and getting in with London Fletcher on coverage on a pass underneath .
  • Injury updates, per Zorn: Marcus Washington is “a gametime deal.” Malcolm Kelly is “on his way,” but nothing is sure yet. Kareem Moore is getting reps and looks good. And Zorn is expecting Khary Campbell “to step up”.

4 Responses

  1. Do you know if FOX Sports will be televising the game in Hawaii, or will we get another game instead…
    You would think that FOX would realize that this is the game that Hawaii should get, but I don’t think that this is the way “They” determine the different Television “Markets”…

  2. My favorite part of the day… thanks, Matt!

    All the focus on DBs working on hands — sounds smart to me. I like that Zorny is addressing issues head on (or hands on) instead of ignoring them and hoping they’ll go away.

    Has Finch gotten any practice time? Just wondering again, with two dinged linebackers, I’m assuming he won’t be inactive this time around…

  3. We really need those guys to catch the ball…
    If we would have caught all those interceptions during the Giants game we could have won the game
    so come on guys we need turnovers

  4. Interceptions is the key to win the game. If we do that we will win. Mark Screaleath from ESPN is a total idot because he was on the Skins but totally basehes them. Mr. Screaleath if you make fun of my time again I will come to ESPN and punch you in the face.

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