New Radio Helmet Logo

Paul Lukas over at Uni Watch is pretty much the bloggy authority on all things uniform-related, and he’s already weighed in on the new sticker for the radio-equipped helmets. His verdict was, shall we say, less than favorable. (It also contains a bit of PG-13 language, for those of you who avoid such things.)

For starters, who needs radio-equipped helmets anyway? Larynxes and hand signals and worked fine for decades. Then radio-equipped helmets begat the problem of multiple radio-equipped helmets, so they came up with the rule that there could only be one electronically wired helmet on the field at a time. Which in turn meant they had to come up with the green dots, which looked like [crap] because they didn’t match any team’s color scheme except the Seahawks’. And now the green dot has been imprinted with a design that looks like a smudge from a distance and looks pathetic up close.

I hadn’t had a chance to see the sticker in real life until yesterday, but here it is up close. I don’t know if I’d call it pathetic, but that green color certainly looks strange against the burgundy and gold.

8 Responses

  1. No one has considered they are fluorescent green BECAUSE it doesn’t blend with other colors? I assume the need for high visibility is so a Ref could potentially spot more than one on the field at once. The dot is so small, who cares what logo is on it.

  2. Adam, good call. Finally some sanity about the sticker! Of course it’s not supposed to blend… what could be more hideous than florescent green?! Certainly there’s no better way to let folks know that the NFL is made up of a bunch of macho dudes who don’t care about color coordination…

    I’m all for radios on the defensive side. Every break for years has gone to the offense. Sonny and Sam have the right idea — let’s give the other guys a fighting chance.

  3. Adam,

    Everyone seems to need something to complain about. I feel that there is just way to much media and fan involvement in the NFL. Most of the blogs and post to blogs I read, my reaction is just like your “…who cares…”

    I will say that what Matt and his staff have put together here is way more tolerable than some of the others involve in this blog stuff.

  4. Reminds me of the “Mr. Yuck” stickers they used to give away. You know, so you could put them on stuff at home. So your kid wouldn’t drink the bleach or the Drano.

  5. When we were up at the Hall of Fame they had a history of helmets session at the museum which was really interesting. The last helmet they shared was a clear wired helmet… it was amazing how much stuff was in there to enable the communication.

  6. Hmmm… I had wondered how those things were wired up, where the antenna was and that kind of thing. As far as stickers denoting the headset helmets, it is what it is. If they weren’t bright green they would be some other color. It does allow coaches to give more specific instructions which is something that’s good.

  7. Complaining about a green dot on the back of a helmet that most people don’t read … how about the warning paragraph on there that probably 99% of all users of football helmets don’t read? And why is there even a warning paragraph?

  8. What Brad said…..And why is there even a warning paragraph?

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