Wednesday Redskins Links – 9/10


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  1. Woohoo. Matt’s on the Colt bandwagon! ;) Settle down, people…

  2. Best be getting aboard. GO COLT!!

  3. Keep it sharp, Colt. Keep the chinstrap strapped. The call to go in is coming.

  4. Hey Matt that is very cool of you trying to bring some hits of Colt Brenann in practice keep on putting those flashes of colt because something is going to “Give” prettie soon and then all you redskins fans will know why the whole state of Hawaii is so crazy!!! about colt… ALOHA!!!!!!.

  5. Thanks for the luv, Matt!

  6. Hi Matt, thanks for the pic of Colt!

  7. Considering how impatient Colt fans seem to be with Jason campbell I wonder how much time they will give colt to perform at all star heights before they start calling for him to be replaced. The bottom line is it takes time for a QB to develop in a system Colt, Jason or whoever.

  8. Thanks for the link to the Curly R Kornheiser article. I agree, he makes watching MNF a drag, and I hope they do permanently get rid of those incredibly annoying and game-interrupting celebrity visits.

  9. I have to agree that Kornheiser is the worst…last Monday left me screaming at him to shut up with his comparing everything A Brooks did to what Farve “might” have done. Farve has moved on, and I wish Tony would too. I was perfectly happy with Mike Patrick, Joe T and Paul McGuire. Jaworski is a pain in the rear too, making every play sound like the Battle of Carthage with his “analysis”.

  10. I thought Joe T was pretty good with MNF. Jaws was a pain to listen to…or should I call him “MOA”. (Mister over Analyzer). Must be related to William Shatner –“MOA” Senior….(Mister Over Actor)

  11. Hey guys,

    I am wrong I will ride the Colt James Brennan Bangwagon and hope he is the next Tom Brady

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