On the Field for Practice – 9/10

Gorgeous day today, cool and clear, and practice was lively and high-tempo.

  • Most importantly, especially to the folks who frantically emailed me: CHRIS COOLEY IS FINE. He had what called “a little soreness in my quad” at today’s morning practice, and thought that the best option was to rest it today. “It’s the first practice I’ve missed as a Redskin,” he said, visibly bummed out. Cooley was firm and confident that he won’t miss the game, and in fact won’t miss practice tomorrow.
  • Devin Thomas looked both strong and enthusiastic today, making a number of impressive catches. “Over the weekend, I had my first NFL catch for the regular season, which was cool,” said Thomas, “but watching all my other rookies making a lot of plays out there, I’m getting geeked up and excited to hopefully make some myself.” Coach Zorn offered some sort of correction and encouragement after one long reception, and Thomas seemed to take whatever was said to heart. “I feel like he’s gaining confidence in my, and the quarterbacks are too. Now I’ve just gotta keep showing them that I’m making the right plays, running the right routes, and doing my assignments so they can trust that I’m going to be there. Because that’s what it’s all about: you’ve gotta have trust in your quarterback/receiver connection.”
  • And the other rookie WR also returned to practice. Malcolm Kelly was participating fully, and he too impressed Coach Zorn. “Today was a great day for him,” Zorn said, adding that Kelly “did a nice job paying attention all this time he’s been down, because he did the right thing” in his plays today.
  • And to complete the positive news on the second round draft picks, Zorn called today “the best day” for Fred Davis since training camp began.
  • The liveliness of practice was literally audible. “THAT’S what football’s supposed to sound like,” shouted Fred Smoot after a particularly noisy collision between Chris Horton and Todd Yoder. “We played faster today,” Zorn said. “Guys were upbeat and worked hard.”
  • The whole first team defense looks aggressive and fast, especially Andre Carter and Cornelius Griffin. The one-on-one pass rush/blocking drills looked good on both sides of the ball (although not, generally, on the same play). Chad Rinehart was singled out for some impressive work during his reps, which was good to see after a slightly rough finish to the preseason.
  • Byron Westbrook seemed to enjoy emulating Reggie Bush for the scout team plays, and did so with solid effectiveness. “He’s a guy who likes to run around, wants to bounce it to the outside,” Wesbrook said. “I’m not saying Rock [Cartwright] can’t do that, but I’m probably a little bit quicker than Rock. I also see the film much more than Rock does, because he’s an offensive guy, so I can see the different things they want to do with [Bush].”

26 Responses

  1. Sounds great. I can’t wait until Thomas and Kelly start showing people what they can do. Maybe they will shut some people up. GO SKINS!!!

  2. We barely beat the dolphins in our home opener last year….they better show up and take care of the saints or we’re looking at a 1-4 or 0-5 start

  3. Time for COLT!!

  4. Encouraging to hear that Devin Thomas is motivated by the success of his rookie class. Eddie Royal looked like a beast on monday night and he looked like he’s been in the league for a couple of years. Hopefully that lit a fire under devin’s a** and he will improve

  5. Great to read that they had a great practice with guys working hard and flying around. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!

  6. Let’s hope they stay as pumped up and impressive for Sunday. Go ‘Skins!

  7. Now THAT’S what I want to hear!

  8. Agreed (with the enthusiasm, for those with the PUNCH of negativity, go…), it’s good to hear that the rookies were effected by the performances of their rookie brethren.

    Bring it on Sunday! HTTR!

  9. How’s Kareem Moore doing? I’m thinking they should switch him over to SS and start him over Reed “I can’t tackle” Doughty.

  10. It will be a good day when we can put both rookies and santana on the field at the same time. how many here would like to see santana move inside to the slot receiver, where his quickness and agility can expose the cover skills of the third cb or safety?

    And lastly, like I said on my blog, this year appears to be a whole new ballgame with regards to Reggie Bush. I’m glad to see us game planning on keeping him well contained.

  11. Anybody read Thomas Boswell’s article today on the Wash Post’s website? All about JC and makes me feel for the kid. Not because he’s had to learn seven systems in seven years, but that we hired a West Coast coach (as an East Coast guy I’ve HATED the West Coast since it was invented and HATE it even more now) and expected him to morph from a deep passer in the mold of Ben Rothlisberger and Mark Rypien into a squirt like Joe Montana. Montana would’ve sucked in a Gibbs world. And a Gibbs QB would’ve sucked in a Bill Walsh system. What’s so great about the West Coast O anyway? What percentage of Superbowl teams have run the system?

    I’ve typed it twenty times here and will continue until the facts shut me up . . . Zorn needs to adapt a system to his players. Run first. Run violent. Chuck it deep to your speed guys. Chuck it med to your tight ends. Chuck it short to your big guys. And use your three best offensive weapons Portis, Betts, and a run blocking O-line.

    Articles like Boswell’s just get my Irish up.

  12. I just read it and it made me sick. Sucks when an organization does everything it can to ruin someone’s career. If you say Campbell is your guy, why in the world would you hire a coach with an offense that is the complete opposite of what matches his skills? It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Hopefully Jason can go out there and prove some people wrong, even with everything working against him.


  13. With two linebackers out, did Finch see some practice time? How did he look?

    We’re so thin at that position, I’m hoping he stepped up. I like the kid.

  14. I’m pretty sure campbell ran a version of the west coast offense in college… and that was his best year as a quarterback.

  15. Doesn’t Zorn’s offense include a mix of deep passes? I know that Seattle had them in the offense last year.

  16. Jason Campbell better pick up the offense fast and put up some big numbers on sunday against the saints because Drew Brees has a high power offense that it might give the redskins defense some problems. Its ashamed to see Jason struggle in this west-cost offense because look at rookies Matt Ryan of the Falcons, and Joe “Big Arm” Flacco of the Ravens. They look like they been in the NFL for 5 years the way they are playing….. Good luck Skins!!! and put Reggie Bush on his a$$$$.

  17. So good to hear the enthusiasm on the practice field. NOOO Injuries, please! Get well soon, Cooley!
    So- is Colt playing as a scout team QB or what?

  18. Maybe the reason there was enthusiasm at at practice is that they weren’t getting the backsides kicked by the panthers, jags, or Giants?

    Two things I’m noticing coming out of practice and the press conferences – first, from a fan pov the practices seem to be less intense than under Gibbs and more Spurrier like. Not physically, but the mental tone. And as a fan that’s illustrated to fans in the tone of the interviews post practice where coach Zorn calls guys out and ponders about player problems (one of his first quotes about watching game film was that Rabach played too high in his stance and those kind of quips have continued) and it’s illustrated in the same tone being echoed by the players – they seem to be pondering problems and saying way too much rather than sticking to the football cliches Gibbs must have insisted they stick to with the press. Zorn and the players are starting to sound like they’re thinking out loud. They don’t sound like a blue collar, run the rock down your gut, team that is looking forward to kicking backside on Sunday. They sound like ponderous thinkers who are trying to think their way through a street fight.

    Just an observation and 100% from the pov of a fan watching tv and the net. But sometimes reading the tea leaves works.

  19. I think your right Gnome, they are thinking too much, but is that simply the product of a new and complicate, and VERY DIFFERENT system than what they are all used to?

    The real trick here, for JC, Zorn, and the entire offense, is can they come together to play like a TEAM, without the THINKING, without the hesitation that comes with a lack of familiarity?

    Only games will definitively answer that question, and I, for one, think they should be given the time to work it out. If we don’t see steady improvement through out the season, from one week to the next (with occasional regressions to be expected), from JC, Zorn, and the offense as a whole, then we clamour for possible change at QB, notably just giving Brennan a shot through the off-season and into next pre-season.

    But if we expect this organization to REALLY CHANGE, to REALLY PLAN for the future, we (fans and the media alike) need to stop having a cow after every ugly game. As I wrote at Bleacher Report, change is going to be painful, but we can’t find out if “REAL CHANGE” is taking place in this front office I all we do is bitch about that change being difficult.

    Patience, that’s all, just Patience. Let the front office, Snyder and Cerrato, show us whether or not REAL CHANGE is taking place, and stop “assuming” that this change isn’t for real.

  20. Great blog as always. To “the Reaper”..dude I’ve BEEN saying that. Kareem is up and coming and I see just that. Putting him at SS and leaving Laron at FS. Bring Reed in on situations. He just cannot cover well at all and isnt the best tackler. I’m not superstitious so Imma once again predict some Offensive stats.

    Jason will improve and again will not turn the ball over

    20-31 245 yards 2 TDs 1 rushing td

    Clinton Portis 23crrys 135yards 1td

    Carlos Rogers int rtn for td

    There will be a surprisingly good performance somewhere on the Offense this week.

    not picking a score

  21. Moore looks like a player. He has some attitude to him…that hit in the Jets game brought back some fond memories. They really need to get him on the field, I think he can be a dynamic playmaker next to Landry.

  22. were to begin….first off offense is offense be it flag,tackel or madden! and if memory serves me correct JC shared a national championship in at Auburn due to the WC-O. stop making excuses i made them for him last year but you know what i played QB threw PEE WEE to high school and might have went further if i were not for me being 5’10 with the build of a RB i could throw the ball 65 on the fly then and 65 now at 27 and aside from my arm i loved touch and thats what JC lacks is touch i grew up in the hood thrown rocks at shoes on the telephone wire and i can throw a football any fu**nwhere i please. JC is an NFL QB with ZERO swagger he is in my opion the only reason this offense lags his timing is off and his drops are sloppy and he freezes under presure “see redzone INT’s from previous season in 4th quater when the game is on the line” yea he is great there! i dont care how long you have been in this legue because ben rothlisberger was in it for 15 min came in game two and won the goddam superbowl! you need to put up numbers in this league has a QB and jason just is not doing it! Tony Romo whos team i loath! came off the bench and lit it up! now listen ppl a big arm means nothing if you cannot move the ball in the short game 10-15 yards will eat a defense up. and while the big score is good look at the history of the super bowl yes you have dominant offensive performances but look at all of the defenses that have beatin top teams in super bowls! giants ravens bears you can really go all day. but how can you put rypien montana and rothlesberger all in the same breath one QB has 4 rings the others have 1 humm that dont add up in any class which tells me they arent in it and there is the answer to you orther questions we know at least 5 super bowls have been won in the west coast Offense 4 by montana 1 by young.pre 83 it didnt exist so lets move on green bay won a super bowl under holmgrens WCO and lost another to denver who ran omg a West Coast Offense with minature running backs!so stop making excuses for JC he needs to just go out and execute and play football cause this game has not changed much since the invention of the WC O and before that the forward pass if JC dont do it this week im calling for Colt 5!

    This just in Brett Favre was in jet green for 30 min no camp practicing with high schoolers in no eqipment at age 40! !!and won a football game 3 hours later

  23. let be know i am not i hater i have been watching redskins football since birth!i was born on a sunday afternoon sept 27 1981 and i belive we were playing dallas so no one and i mean no one in the known universe klingons included can question my devotion to the burgandy in gold from Riggo running 50 gut to Ryipen and Ferrote lightn it up!

  24. corrections: i am not a hater and it was the eagles uncle verified!

  25. hcoregoskins…you da man!

  26. I’m calling for Cowher if we go 0-5.

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