Wednesday, September 10: Jersey Number Changes and Reply All

Every job I’ve ever worked, there have been people who’ve enjoyed using the Reply All button on email just a little too much. And I’m not even talking about the horribly embarrassing situations that job search websites warn you about, like sending personal insults to an entire distribution list or whatever. I’m just thinking of the basics, like using Reply All to respond to birthday messages and stuff like that. People just LOVE Reply All.

Apparently, the NFL is not immune to this — today, the various league PR staffs have elected to use a Reply All email chain to disseminate the changed jersey numbers for various teams since the roster cutdown. I’m told that this is a new approach, with the old approach reportedly being the less-intrusive (but also less-informative) “look at the weekly roster for your opponent.”

Since my inbox has been filling up with this stuff for the last forty minutes or so, I figured it was important enough to share.

Here, then, are the new jersey numbers that have shown up so far.

Atlanta Falcons:
Grady Jackson from #91 to #90

Baltimore Ravens:
Tom Zbikowski from #25 to #28
Evan Oglesby from #24 to #25
Ray Rice from #39 to #27
Tavares Gooden from #49 to #56
Jameel McClain from #48 to #53

More after the jump, if you can handle the excitement.

Buffalo Bills:
Jon Corto from #47 to #57

Carolina Panthers:
Quinton Teal from #29 to #26

Cincinnati Bengals:
Keith Rivers from #58 to #55

Dallas Cowboys:
Tank Johnson from #66 to #95

Denver Broncos:
Anthony Alridge from #38 to #25
Keary Colbert from #13 to #85
Peyton Hillis from #48 to #22

Detroit Lions:
Kalvin Pearson #32 to #24
Leigh Bodden #30 to #28

Indianapolis Colts:
Jordan Senn from #49 to #51
Curtis Johnson from #60 to #94

New York Jets:
Ahmad Carroll from #42 to #31

New York Giants:
Terrell Thomas from #30 to #24

Philadelphia Eagles:
Mike McGlynn from #68 to #77
Victor Abiamiri from #78 to #95

Pittsburgh Steelers:
Donovan Woods from #47 to #95
Orpheus Roye from #67 to #96

It’s better than being stuck on a Reply All loop of people congratulating someone on the birth of a grandchild, but not by much.


2 Responses

  1. Dumb move releasing the leading wide receiver in preseason. The skins should have kept 6 receivers as injury prone as they have been in the last couple of seasons.

  2. I am not surprısıng to anything. But thanks..

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